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Freddy Um Bear

September 23, 2011


The bear and I aren’t getting along.  He has failed me.  I thought that doing different activities with the bear included would make him our play friend. No it doesn’t.  I have decided that bear will be my scape goat.  I told Jen what I  named him.  I don’t think she really thought it was a good idea or appropriate.  So for a nickname, I’ll call him Freddy. Freddy Um Bear.  I’m sure if you look at his initials you can tell what his real name is. And everytime these activities don’t work, I’m blaming him. He may get a few time outs. Or bashes to the head.


I think Rett is over sorting. We worked on sorting shapes instead of colors yesterday. This made him really mad.  I couldn’t get him to try.  So back to colors. He likes to look in the glasses after to see that they are perfect.


I e mailed the Aspberger blog lady last night.  I thought maybe she had some resources for me since I’m not doing all that great right now. I mean SURELY somebody can help right.  She offered to let me call her.  I couldn’t do it. I thought honestly I would end up crying during our entire phone call.  At least one of her boys is autistic. I think both though. Not certain.   She is going to e mail me today.  I hope she has something really insightful to say.


Yesterday was swim school.  Rett did very well.  He is floating on his back by himself and using his arms a lot more.  We were going to stop swim school after this semester because he’s been in private lessons and after 3 they go up.  But I think the 15 minutes of focusing and listening to another adult besides me is good for him. Plus he’s good at it.  So I guess swim lessons continue.  Sissy had a poopy diaper and I had only brought one diaper which was for Rett to change into after class.  We are only there for 15 minutes how could Evvie possibly need a diaper.  But she did. Did I mention I also had no wipes? I’m notorious for never having wipes. So after giving her the only diaper we had and figuring out how to make do with wet paper towels, I think I missed about 10 minutes of his lesson. The other great thing about our lessons is we go before the school opens so its only Rett and his teacher Miss Chanelle in the pool.  I really do need to record some of his lessons. He’s pretty amazing.


Last night I went out for dinner with mom group.  Left the kids with Tom. That was really nice.  I only almost cried one time.


This morning we have the transitional meeting with the elementary school. My old elementary school.  Not looking forward to it.  I know what these meetings are about.  They aren’t about kids getting help they are about schools not getting sued.   I love how when I talk to the gal on the phone she starts off  ‘by law… blah blah blah’.  If you hear this regarding your child just let me tell you that means  ‘for us to not get sued we need to make it appera that you child is receiving blah blah blah.’ In my experience as an educator, once the classroom door is closed, all bets are off.   I’m not overly interested in what they are going to pretend to offer us.   She told me that a full day classroom might be optional if he qualified.   What a carrot for the parents wanting a baby sitter.  Not interested.   But I’m willing to go and see what they can offer Rett.  I am a greedy person.  When it comes to help for my kid, I get to be greedy.


This picture is from exactly a year ago.

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