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Why is it so hard to HELP MY CHILD?

September 28, 2011


I came out of the bedroom to find this. My boy got into our magic bag of goodies and pulled out all the doll house things.  I was on the potty at one point but I’ll spare you that picture.  I being the mommy doll that he has dubbed as ‘me’.   He was good for about 10 minutes of play until he realized the potty opened and closed and the chair spun around in circles. Then I lost him.  But random, pretend, self start play is awesome. So is selecting different things to go together in order to play.  There were other things in there but he only got out the doll house stuff.


Rett also said please for the first time in his life today.  I don’t know if that was stubbornness or what but I was so surprised and happy. ‘Juice?’ ‘juice?’  ‘More juice please?’ ‘JUICE PWEASE!’   I almost fell over in shock.  Of course he’ll probably never repeat it.  But he may surprise me.


Today was our early intervention at the house.   I was excited. Lisa had these new ideas and new approaches and she was excited.  Then Lisa called and she was sick and wanted to make sure she could come.  Well she already missed once and never made it up so yes.  Please come.  So she came.


Lisa is still worthless.  I don’t even know why I bother.  She brought the plastic bears with cups.  Six colors. He sorted them all.  Then we worked on the really hard shape sorter from Tupperware. He did all those.  Then she told me that there were activities I could print offline and to continue doing what I’m doing and work on sequencing.. which I already knew.


Which leads me to my question. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO HELP MY CHILD.   If these activities are ‘good enough’ and all the knowledge I have as an untrained parent is ‘good enough’ why are my friends who are in this situation getting so much more help in their states?  I am desperate for something to do. For something to try.  I am desperate for answers. Why does he do this in this circumstance but not in this?  Is he missing background information and why isn’t he picking up on things like the other kids his age?  Who out there answers these questions?  I haven’t found them yet.


I called insurance and found out they will cover nothing in terms of occupational therapy.  So we are going to wait until November when our deductible rolls over so at least the money we spend will count towards getting speech covered.  Speech will cost us $17 a session once insurance kicks in.  OT will be $56 a session. Fingers crossed that he only needs that once a week.  More speech and less occupational therapy would make our wallets very happy. But I don’t think this works that way.  So we’ll see.   Lisa is still saying she thinks it could be an auditory processing issue.  I have about given up on Lisa knowing what she is talking about though.


I honestly haven’t been doing as many activities with him.  I don’t know if I’m doing things ‘right’ or not and its frustrating when he doesn’t want to play along.  I would love for someone who knows what they’re doing to tell me what to do.  Where IS this person?

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  1. September 28, 2011 4:39 pm

    She lives here in Utah and runs Sam’s school! I so wish you lived close and could meet with her. You’d be amazed at her natural gift for these things and her endless knowledge on the subject! I was thinking today that you just need to come move by me! Okay, I know I’m being selfish-not realistic! I promise that you will find the people with the answers or you’ll find the answers yourself. It is not easy, but it will come and you are doing all the right things! One of the biggest eye openers to me, in the beginning of this process, was how few answers professionals had for me about my child. They just kept sending us somewhere else. It was and is very frustrating.

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