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Homeschooling Plans… and now I need a drink

October 3, 2011


Where have we been?  Well we have been busy.  And not busy at the same time. How does that work?  We took the kids to the fair this weekend.  It was so crowded and busy that it ended up being no fun for me. We also lost Evie’s shoe in the process so even MORE not fun.  I wish things that I thought were going to be fun in my head would actually be fun. But all the people and the crowds and everything just bothered me and made it no fun. The caramel apple and fresh squeezed lemonade were delicious.  And I always like going through the live stock area.  I didn’t take many photos because Evie kept standing in the stroller insisting ‘I want down’ whenever Rett was being carried.  2 of them and 2 of us = no camera time for mama.  I managed a few.


We were back in our (new) weekly routine. Rett went to speech this morning. I actually got there on time, last week I was 30 minutes early.  He went back himself this time and I hung out with Evie in the waiting area.  There were a few other moms there.  This place is really cool.  The other moms knew each other.. I guess when you always have therapy at the same time its always the same families up there.  They asked me about Evie and about cloth diapering and about Thaddeus.  They didn’t ask me about Rett.  Another mom talked about her son.  It felt really.. in the club like.  A club I really wish I wasn’t in but still.. it seems like a nice club.  Miss Rachael (speech therp.)  said he did very well.  I think she is still figuring him out.  He played with play dough and worked on big and small.  She said she called them ‘mama’ and ‘baby’ which is how I first started trying to teach him the difference so hopefully we progress soon.  Also worked on using keys to open some doors of some sort (I wasn’t there so no idea.) She said he took turns just fine and his eye contact and verbal skills got more advanced as he warmed up to her, which I would assume a typical child would be the same way?  Nothing to work on and still feeling like we are floating around in that regard.  Hopefully she will figure him out soon and we will have more direction at home.


In regards to play therapy, I have given up.  I need someone to tell me how to do this and so.. I am focusing on preschool activities.  We are still playing tea party with bear and I am still urging him to do activities as he plays but no more planned, sit down and try this type stuff until we have someone to coach us a bit.   I found some homeschooling sites and am completely overwhelmed not only by the fabulous ideas but by the amount of STUFF you have to buy to get started. I wrote down a few activities I’d like to do this week.


This bag of mixed Halloween candy was cheap and I had a ton of ideas to do with it.  Today after lunch we sorted it. I didn’t know if he would balk at the idea of a different type of sorting since last time I tried to get him to sort his color shapes by SHAPE instead of color we had a tantrum.. apparently he just doesn’t want to sort something he’s done once by another attribute. Its ok.. I’ll work on it.  He started on this new sorting himself with no direction. I added a spoon for some added zest and some balancing/fine motor practice. He did all the pumpkins first. I had to point out the difference between the two candy corns but he caught on to ‘yellow/not yellow’ very fast.  I had to help him because I put WAY too much in the bowl for one 2 year old.  He was very excited about the ‘candy’ even though I didn’t let him eat any and he didn’t even try.


Then onto some one on one correspondence and counting. I’ve found that for Rett, counting into the egg cartons really helps him. He is more apt to count appropriately and more ‘into’ counting.  The nice thing about counting to a dozen is you always start with 1 and always end with 12.  That’s a nice feeling for a kid I guess.  He always wanted to check to make sure he only had one in there.  The first time he did it he clapped for himself and said yay.  Apparently it was a major accomplishment.  He did this twice and I have to admit he wasn’t done when I was. Sissy was screaming she wanted down from lunch and I was ready to move onto nap time.  One goal is to let him have enough time to explore the activity and manipulatives until he’s bored with it and not make him go on my time. That may take some time.


So today after speech we went to Wal Mart and picked up some of the items I’d written down for activities this week.  Like I said.. always seems to be STUFF to get.  But oh well.   Then came home and the kids played out back while I poured over the home schooling blogs.  I found one with a curriculum that starts.. at 3.  Which is in two months.  And its here.  The choice that I’ve already made. Its so easy to make a choice that isn’t happening yet.  But then when its time for it to happen.. do I REALLY want to chop off all my hair? Do I? Really?   And when it comes to your kids, the choices are even harder.  So this is my plan.  And is this blog becoming a home schooling blog for an (possibly) autistic 3 year old? Who knows.


Oh before I launch into my home schooling rant, we are still going to Atlanta for a diagnosis.  This has taken some time to figure out exactly when they can fit us in. I can’t imagine how insanely busy they are.  So hopefully we are leaving Wednesday and I will be blogging about the final outcome soon.


Ok back into home schooling rant.  Right now Rett is in mother’s day out at church once a week (Tuesdays). So I have to decide if I want him to continue that and take one day off a week from our own curriculum or if that is sort of anti-home schooling and I should send Evie instead for a more ‘all about Rett day’.   Haven’t decided, as you can tell.   I am going to just do half days of preschool curriculum and not worry about after nap.  I’ll use that to focus on pretend play/free play.


Right now I’ve decided that each day should have 4 activities. These don’t always need to be new as children like to do things they understand and find success with.  First activity to do with letter identification and starting on sounds, second activity to do with number identification/counting and all things math sense related, third activity around a skill (big little/sorting/etc) and fourth activity science/art related.  I also want to stay theme based.

I haven’t found a blog that is homeschooling exactly how I want to home school and I don’t know if one exists. I’m going to keep looking.  One blog I found was very traditional classroom oriented (or at least a current traditional classroom) but with just her 3 kids. I’m not sure that’s the direction I want to take.  I need to explore/research and learn more.  My biggest fear is that when we hear whatever it is we’re dealing with, people will tell me that the best thing I could do for him would be to put him in a classroom.  Especially if we can manage to somehow afford/get to a special needs school.  And my homeschooling plan will be a plan that never happened.  Its so hard as a parent to not only DO what’s best but KNOW what is best in the first place!


Tom and I aren’t doing very well.  I don’t feel like we are on the same page. I want him to be with me on the ‘we will do whatever is best for Rett’ page. Including relocating and figuring out how to make it happen because it needs to.  But when I bring it up, he stops talking and I start yelling and its just not good.  He is too comfortable and I am too anxious to start helping our son.   I think when I come back, I’m going to find a therapist to go see myself.  I need someone to talk to about all this crap and I probably will have to pay someone to be interested. Hopefully we can afford it.


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