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Who are these activities for anyway?

October 4, 2011


Another activity I stole from somewhere that I’ve forgotten where.  Maybe No Time for Flash Cards.   Anyway, basic idea was to give him two containers for the beads and a spoon to transfer.  First off, pony beads go EVERYWHERE. No matter how many times you warn him he’ll be all done. I think they stuck to his hand and sort of just flew through the air. The little tray underneath helped some.  I also gave him some different spoons. He really loved the ice cream scoop.  I tried to teach him how to twist his wrist to dump it but he preferred to scoop it off with his other hand. We talked about empty/full, pouring, the colors of the beads. Also did some more counting and sorting.  And we just played. I got some more tiny clear glass bowls and we put some in those and I attempted to get him to pretend it was ice cream (totally over his head). We talked about how the sound when they hit the glass sounded like rain (totally over his head) and I found the beads pretty relaxing myself. Playing with simple objects is kind of nice.  We did this for probably 30 or 40 minutes?


I’ll admit that in a moment of insanity I actually thought about giving Evie some of these beads to play with in her cups. But luckily motherhood has given me some wisdom so we went with rice cereal instead.  She had a blast and played with her rice cereal and bowls for the entire time. She got pretty good at tossing the little bowls onto the kitchen table. Out with the idea of ballet lessons and maybe we have a basketball player on our hands?


Not much to report today. We are still waiting on our exact plans for Atlanta.  The speech school is supposed to try to fit us in this week but.. the week is going by fast.   So we’ll see! I washed newborn clothes last night and went through them today.  Apparently if you store your clothes in the attic in see through bags, they will get some kind of bizarre yellow mold on them. So a ton of my clothes were ruined.  I am going to go through the rest once Tom gets home.  Hopefully nothing else is ruined.  Who would have thought that would happen!


Today was mother’s day out so Rett went to school. EVERY time I take him he cries because they aren’t going outside to play. Every time the ladies forget and insist that he stops right away and not to worry. I told them that he doesn’t care that I’m leaving, he just wants to play outside. I can’t seem to get it through his head that he is NEVER going to go straight to the playground. Of course his classroom is right by the outside door so that doesn’t help.  My mom was also coming to help with outside time so not ONLY does he love playing outside.. but that’s usually when he gets to see his beloved Granny.   She’s on her cruise this week though so hopefully THAT doesn’t upset him also.


To celebrate mother’s day out, Evie and I went to Panera for lunch. Is it horrible that I want an I-Phone just so I can take cool pictures and upload them easily?  I really don’t feel like paying that huge fee every month though. So I guess I’m stuck with my cruddy phone! Really wish I had more just random photos but lugging my huge camera around is a pain and my point and shoot is pathetic.  Anyway, Panera was yummy.  Evie didn’t act like she missed Rett a bit.  I didn’t miss him at lunch since lunch + 2 kids usually ends up NOT relaxing.  But when we got home and I thought about taking her out back I did think about how nice it is that my children have a built in play mate in their sibling.


Ok I need to pack and get some airplane entertainment lined up!

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