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Sensory overload!

October 5, 2011


Yesterday I set up our first sensory tub!  I totally stole this from  So proud of myself that I remembered this time! If you haven’t ever used a sensory tub for your toddler (um.. that’d be me!) I really urge you to at least try it.  While my tub wasn’t that in expensive, if you use stuff you already have to just try it out.. it can be.  These are like those big rice tubs we had in kinder! I remember those!

So here’s what is in my tub: black and white beans ($2- something a bag) $4

split peas $2

pumpkin containers $2.50

Sticky skeletons, cock roaches and bouncy balls $6

autumn potpourri mix (pumpkins and pine cones) $2.50


So around $20 for this one.  If I had been brave enough to go to the dollar store AND wal mart it probably would have been much cheaper.


First I added the beans. Then two pumpkins and then..everything else. I don’t know what I was thinking. The kids went nuts.  Evie just wanted to take everything out. I think she was completely overwhelmed. So I took most of it out. You really just need a few of each type of item in there.  Evie still got kicked out because she refused to stop throwing beans and trying to choke herself to death.


Sensory tubs have come a long way from the rice bins we played in when we were a kid. These dumping, pouring and stirring havens have turned into little mini landscapes.  The ideas out there will boggle your mind.  I’ve seen underwater sensory tubs made with aquarium gravel and lots of little sea life.  Counting, sorting, pretend play and science come to life in these little worlds.  I can’t wait to try out more!


A few things I learned, less is more. Whoever suggested sticky skeletons in a massive bean pile is insane.  They just stick to the beans and then my son has to pull them all off. I’m hoping they lose their sticky soon. I only let him play with two.   Rugs with loops are NOT the best thing to put under the kids.  The best things is a table cloth so then you can just fold it and let the beans run down the funnel you created back into the box.


So Rett was totally into this tub. He spent 2 hours playing and was eventually interrupted for a diaper change. He never got bored enough to just walk away. He started out playing with the skeletons. He threw them down and asked if they were hurt. He pulled their stretchy bodies and identified body parts, including their skull.  He is really into ‘skulls’.  He did do some waterfall stuff with the beans, I won’t lie. But he also scooped and poured and experimented.   I took video but I already packed the flip so it’ll have to wait.


Speaking of packing, we are leaving today! We fly out at 3:45 to head to Atlanta and our diagnostic appt is tomorrow at 10:30. She is using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) to test him.  Should be a total of 2 hours with an interview with us starting and then moving onto that.  This is probably the most scary trip I’ve ever taken in my life.  I want to know what’s going on.. but then I’ll know what’s going on.   And knowing is scary.


Tom received an e mail this morning saying our insurance will be adding OT therapy starting November 1st for children with an ASD diagnosis.  So at least that is a perk if that’s the way this goes.  I would love it if they just said they would offer OT for any delay!


I called Lisa (early intervention/state lady) to see if she could fit us in this Wednesday since I originally thought we’d be gone and also cancel our appt for next Wednesday.  She couldn’t fit us in. And on top of that, she is only giving us 2 more appointments.  Then she’s done. What’s the POINT even?  I might just tell her we’re done.  The lack of help we got is just amazing.


Now for more packing and loose end tie ups!

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