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What are we working on?

October 18, 2011


I know lately it seems like I haven’t been posting anything that we have actually been working on! What a bunch of lazies over here!  Right now, besides working on staying sane, we are basically making Rett say ‘I want’ before all requests.  That was my big plastic bin post I was supposed to do today but I didn’t feel like it.  I put all the toys in plastic bins to Rett has to ask for everything he wants to do all day. Also makes the house a lot neater since they can’t zip from one thing to the next. I’m still not done with that project yet.  Rett’s usage of ‘I want’ has went through the roof.  I would say he’s saying it 60-80% of the time without us demanding it of him.


I’m also working with him on making choices. What seems like an easy thing for us to do is so hard for him.  I bought these little metal cars for him.  I take 2 or 3 and line them up out of his reach and say ‘which one do you want?’  I actually don’t make him say ‘I want’ for this. Maybe I should be? Nobody is here to tell me so whatever.  I’m working on making a choice and I don’t want him to get confused because he is meeting the goal at the moment by just saying the color.  Who knows.  Anyway, he has to say red, green, yellow or blue or whatever the main car color is.  This is the answer most of the time:

Me: Which one do you want? Red, blue or yellow?

Rett: I WANT CARS!!!!

Me: But which one? Do you want the red car, the blue car or the yellow car?

Rett:  I WANT CARS!!!

FINALLY once he gets to the point where he can spit out green or I want green (yes he has done that some) he then sort of gets stuck on it. I usually let him have his car for a minute as his reward. He also likes that once he picks I make a big ordeal of ‘1,2,3’ and then sending it over to him so he has to catch it. He loves that part.  But when I take it back and say ‘NOW which one do you want?’  most of the time, he just picks green. So sometimes I have to get rid of green.  He has a hard time choosing a different color.   When I send his car to see I say ‘YAY!!! GREEN CAR! I want green car!’  And he has actually repeated ‘green car’ a few times.  I think this activity works really well for us and we are working on a lot of different skills here.


I’ve tried some other activities with a lot less success. One issue I have is not really knowing where Rett is when it comes to learning activities. Also I don’t know much about activities on his level.   I also don’t seem to know what rewards work for him.


I actually found a package of gummy ‘candy’ which he goes crazy for.  So one activity I tried was putting the letters A,B,C,D in front of him (flash cards) and saying ‘Give me A’  He just threw a fit. I actually guided his hand to it and gave it to me myself and then gave him a candy to try to get the point across.  It didn’t work. Then all he’d say/do is  ‘I want candy!’  So apparently that is either too difficult or I’m not teaching the concept well enough for him to know what I want.


Went to speech yesterday. Speech is turning into a big disappointment.  She told me they had worked on a few things which Rett already does.. again.  And once more nothing to work on at home.  So that was that.  Before I go to having speech with her everyday I need to see some different results happening here.  I think we need a sit down so I can tell her what my goals for Rett would be and she can tell me from her speech path experience if she think she’s ready for that or why she seems to be working on things I feel that he doesn’t need help with.


I canceled the ABA eval for tomorrow.  It was going to cost $560 and I can not figure out how to implement it here. The lady at the center said that she has a few families that are just driving out 3 times a week. Oh and the therapy (mind you he needs 25 hours a week) is $40-$50 an hour.  Ouch.  She said that she knew most psychologists and doctors pushed 20-25 but most families did 10-12. I wanted to ask her if the families were aware that in the study where kids only got 10 hours that it didn’t make any difference?


My plan for now is to get in touch with some information resources here to find out just what I can do. Buy the floor time book, keep looking online for ideas and do what I can myself until we can get to Atlanta.  And then pray for all the kids here in Oklahoma.   Because its really pathetic that the second largest school district in the state has nothing for these kids.  Just sad.


Lisa (early intervention) is coming tomorrow.   I think she is only coming 1 or 2 more times before Rett turns 3.  We’ll see if I can manage to get any use out of her. At least she’s nice.


Evie came up on the waiting list for parents as educators so I have someone coming to the house for her. I am going to ask Lisa tomorrow about getting Evie screened.  And about signing Thaddeus up for early intervention ASAP.  After you have one child diagnosed, your subsequent children have a 1 in 20 chance of also being on the spectrum. Once you have 2 diagnosed, you have a 1 in 3 chance.


Today is my birthday. But it doesn’t really feel like it.  Evie slept in and Rett had mother’s day out so that was my happy birthday from them.   I am going out to dinner tonight with Tom. My awesome bestie, Nicole is watching the kiddos so we can go out.  Mom is in Dallas taking care of my Aunt Pat who had a heart attack and is now recovering.


Can’t wait to report what Lisa ends up doing/telling us tomorrow!


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  1. October 19, 2011 12:55 am

    Happy Birthday! I’m sorry that things are so tough right now, but I hope you were able to enjoy it some! You are such a good mommy and deserve a day to feel like a princess.

    I love your blog! I look forward to your posts every day. I’m inspired by your hard work and your ideas! There are things you are doing, that I thought about doing but ran out of energy. I think I’m going to do the packing away of toys and everything else. It will be good for Sam to have to use his words or signs to get things.

    I know that all of this is tough-especially feeling like you are alone. I remember, in the beginning with Sam, thinking that all we needed was a diagnosis and then everyone would spring into action and help me help my son. It was such a rude awakening-one that still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. But maybe it will be mom’s like us who can change things and help others-in the future-to deal with all the unanswered questions!

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