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A Great Day!

October 19, 2011


These pictures are actually the worst ones to start this post off with because this activity didn’t work out very well! I’ll guess we’ll get the failure activity out the way first.  I actually made these magnetic pom poms for another activity from Confession of a Homeschooler.  She has a super cute A and apple tree sheet to print off and then the pom poms fit into open circles for practice on one to one correspondence.  I haven’t printed them out yet though so I had other big plans.  First plan was to just let him play with them and experiment.  I tried to talk him into pretending they were cookies.  Yah.. didn’t work.  So he experimented for awhile. He stuck them to the cookie sheet, stuck them to each other.  He was having a great time.  So after awhile, my plan was to move on to the main ‘task’ with these things.  I gave him a red, green and a blue pom pom. Then I kept the same color combo for myself.  My idea was to put the colors in a specific order and have him match the colors that he had up to the ones I put down.  Insert tantrum here.   Broad, open ended play, he does great. But start putting demands on him and he just shuts down on me.  Not sure what else to do about that either.


One other activity that was a half failure was the beads. I pulled out the beads from this post and let him play around again.  When the beads were hitting the empty bow I made the sound they were making ‘click click click’  Rett thought this was hilarious.  Eventually he started making the sound also. Not sure if that’s something he needs to work on but it was fun.  My next ‘task’ was to get a piece of pipe cleaner and I had two ideas. One idea was to have him ask me for colors of beads and for me to hand them to him. Another one was to work on mimicing me when I put them on mine. Since this worked SO well with the pom poms, I opted for the request a color idea.  Yah that was a failure.   I don’t think bead stringing is exciting enough for him to push himself to request.

Now onto all the GOOD things that happened today! One was we worked with play dough. Miss Rachael (speech path) has been working with him with it and I wanted to see if I could tell a difference.  She said they had made big and small snakes so I made a snake for him. He immediately knew what I was doing and starting saying excitedly ‘snake! snake!’ He’s really into snakes right now so this is a great activity for him. After I made the snake, he picked it up and pretended to ‘get me’ with it.  ‘Snake! oh no!’  Of course I had to act terrified and say ‘oh no! I’m scared!’ to which he repeated ‘I’m scared!’  I thought this emotional tie to something (not that I want him to be really afraid of snakes but he (hopefully) understands its just a game) was good for him. Even him just starting to say phrases like ‘I’m scared’  or I’m whatever.  He also was trying to mimic the action of rolling the snake with his hands.   So we did that for awhile.


Another AWESOME thing that happened today involved Rett’s beloved skeleton.  Rett asks for his sensory tub severals time a day.   Its been a constant favorite and nothing gets him dancing around excitedly like my response to ‘I want toys!’ which is how he requests his tub.  But his favorite thing by far is the skeletons.  He just loves these little guys. He goes on and on about their skull and he stretches them and says ‘big!’ and talks about body parts (arm, leg, head).  So I let him keep the skeletons out the tub too.  Today he was putting the skeleton in the weebles tree house. It has a little room with a door on the bottom. After putting the skeleton in, he would peek in the window and say ‘want to go outside?’  Then bring the skeleton out and put him down the slide.  We actually did play outside today even though it was freaking cold!  After Miss Lisa (early intervention) left, he asked to go outside and I told him no because sis was asleep upstairs and it was TOO COLD!  So he went back to playing. He put the ‘daddy’ loving family doll in the RV and said ‘want to go outside?’ and then said really meanly ‘NO!’  This is the EXACT type of play I have been waiting and watching for to happen!  Children naturally ‘perform’ tasks or events they see on a daily basis around them as their beginning pretend play.  And here we are!  I haven’t really been working on any of this so I can’t take credit. I think it was just natural progress.  But I was so excited! This is the FIRST time I have seen a more advanced type of pretend play complete with a sentence having to do with it.   So skeletons will be hanging with us for awhile.



The other really fun thing we did today was work with this pad thing. Its whatever HP makes.  Tom got this for me for my birthday but I really just wanted it for Rett. We downloaded some free apps just to see how he did. He did awesome!  This one is called ‘peek a boo’ and basically the little ‘cat’ as Rett called the baby hides behind something and peeks out. Then the child touches the object and the ‘cat’ pops out.  Rett figured this game out all on his own.   Then I started saying things like ‘where did he go?’ which Rett repeated.  Also I started saying ‘he is behind the choo choo!’ when Rett correctly hit the picture and he started saying these phrases too. ‘behind the ball!’ ‘behind the chair!’  I’m not sure if he really comprehends ‘behind’ but at least he has been introduced to it.  Another app has pictures of animals and when you touch them they go to full screen and say their animal noise.  With this app, I could give him directions. ‘touch the cow!’ ‘touch the dog!’ And he actually did it.  Then we took turns. When it was his turn, I gave the direction. When it was my turn, he gave the direction.  It was 90% of the time the same one he just touched.  And I could tell he REALLY wanted to touch it himself. I had to hold it up. But this is a great app for us to practice taking turns and giving/receiving directions. He can already do all the animal labeling and sounds so since that’s so easy for him, its a great motivator.


Lisa came today.  No ideas or anything to actually do anything. But she did tell me that their resource coordinator just went to ABA training so she would ask her if she could perform the initial eval that Rett needs to begin an ABA program! So that is exciting! Hopefully I can get that done for free before his birthday. Also talked to her about getting Evie screened. She said the STAT test cannot be given until she’s 18 months old so I have to wait for that. I’m not actually worried but I think its wise to be careful at least.   Rett didn’t show any normal signs and Evie’s animal sounds and all that could point to Asperger’s since she’s ahead.


This week is flying by! Tomorrow is swim school!


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  1. October 19, 2011 8:45 pm

    Fabulous progress! You really are inspiring me! My goal, this weekend, is to put EVERYTHING in our house away and out of reach (which at this point will involve padlocks!) so that Sam will have to use language more and initiate conversation. I was too overwhelmed to do it, in the beginning, but you have re-inspired me!

    You’re doing great! And I appreciate you sharing! I hope you don’t get tired of my comments!

    We met a lady, at Sam’s benefit dinner that does ABA therapy and evaluations. She combines floortime and ABA to create a program that parents can do at home with their kids. She was auctioning off an evaluation and program set up. We were able to get it for $100. John thought I was crazy for spending that much-he doesn’t understand what it REALLY costs! I’m excited to add this dimension to what we are doing.

  2. October 19, 2011 10:21 pm

    How exciting Ramona! I never get tired of your comments 🙂 Please share any tips or tricks you learn from your new eval and program set up!

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