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Its Friday!!

October 21, 2011


Today is Friday!!! Yay! Tomorrow we are hitting the pumpkin patch (finally) and getting some festive fall pics done.  I usually try to go to 2 or 3 patches a year but our beach trip took a hunk out of the month.  Will try to be better next year.


I am trying to be better about getting Rett to color everyday again.  We ‘practice’ writing a few letters with me holding his hand and saying the little hand writing sayings from my first grade teaching days.   Yesterday after we did A (line down, line down, line across) and B (line down, a bubble at the top, a bubble at the bottom) and C (loop around), Rett said the C words and made a scribble and then pointed to it and said C!  This is the first time he has pointed to some random scribble and described it as something else.  Still haven’t gotten to pretend drawing but maybe this is the first step.

Today after our in depth writing lesson, we drew a little bit and then I got the stamps out.  Lisa (early intervention) sent me the link to this great site ‘Come Play With Me, Little Wanderer‘  It has some great ideas and also tips for parents. One of the tips it shares is to take control of the toys and have the child request things from you. This not only works on verbal skills but also stopping, talking to someone and resuming play. That back and foreth and not getting lost in an activity is something a lot of kiddos need to work on.  So I took the stamps and lined them up. Then in order for him to get one, he had to say ‘I want’ bat or cat or pumpkin or spider or whatever.  He has been practicing doing a good stamp and knows what he’s going for. When he successfully presses hard enough and straight down to get a good image, he looks up and smiles proudly.  He has also semi grasped the concept of ‘I’m scared’.  He loved when he went to touch the print of the spider image and I exclaimed ‘don’t touch it! So scary! I’m scared’ and pulled his hand away. Hence all those smiley pictures from today.  And he would say ‘I’m scared!’  He hasn’t said this randomly in a scary situation so no way to know if he actually knows what this means.  We’ll see.

When we are doing these activities where he has to request things, I imagine his brain like a file folder system on the computer and he is trying to find that file folder. Once he has the file folder its easier for him to request after that.  But until he gets there, some random stuff comes out of his mouth.  ‘I’m sorry’ ‘Thank you!’  He tries these ‘polite’ phrases that he knows work to get his way at other times.  Its very hard as his mom to watch him struggle through to get to the right phrase.  Its not that he doesn’t know what he is supposed to say, he just CAN’T seem to find the words.  Also, it is very hard to understand him sometimes.   So sometimes I’m not sure if I’m not rewarding him when I should or I’m rewarding him when I shouldn’t.  He will make random jargon noise (la la la la la) and then all of a sudden he’s burst into something seeming like the correct phrase.  I’ll have to record one of these sessions so you can see how hard it is to distinguish sometimes.


Lisa (early intervention) had contacted Michelle (school transition lady) to tell her that I was interested in ABA therapy. So I got to talk to her today. I explained that all I was interested in was getting the first eval done to tell me where to begin since it was $560 and an hour and a half away. She said that since we only had one month left, it wasn’t enough time to get it done. Seriously. One month.   She then asked me if I wanted the lady who does the ABA to come out and explain the therapy. The therapy they don’t have enough time to implement. Um.. no thanks. I already understand the therapy.  Then she wanted to know if I’d like to meet with the school’s autism classroom teacher.  So I said sure. I’m not sure why I keep wasting my time. I know I’m probably not going to be satisfied with what they have to offer but I really wish I would go in and they would say ‘ and we’ll do 20 hours of ABA for him and speech daily and everything will be free and wonderful’.  But that’s not how it works here.  But I’ll go meet with them anyway.


We had our ultrasound yesterday and I was shown to have a low lying placenta and she also changed my due date to February 17th. I went to the midwife’s today and saw Heather (doula).  I have to go back to get another ultrasound (which is 2 hours away and costs $100) to make sure my placenta has moved up appropriately.  She said I was measuring correctly for my original February 5th due date, so did not think we would need to change that.


And here we are at 25 weeks! I only have one more appointment left and then we go to every 2 weeks. Sort of scary how fast this is going. We’re going to have another newborn in the house soon!


My goals for next week are: get a library card so I can start requesting books on autism and also unit books for the kids. I need to be better about reading aloud while I’m home with them.   Starting to work on activities involving Rett saying yes or no.  And there are also a few art projects and fun things I’d like to do.


I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Jennifer permalink
    October 22, 2011 3:37 am

    Rett looks so happy in these pictures. He must really love these activities! Also, how the heck are you still wearing regular jeans?! 😛

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