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P-P what begins with P?

November 3, 2011

I got my laminator film yesterday so spent an hour getting all of our activities laminated and cut out last night.  It was great therapy.  I feel so much better when I’m teaching.  I had everything cut out, bagged and in the drawer ready to get to work.  Aww.. I love plans.



All activities shown were printed from and are available for free for your little ones.   This activity is a P and a pumpkin with open circles.  I made pom pom magnets with pom poms and circle magnets from Wal Mart.  The child is supposed to cover all the circles with the pom poms.  Supposed to.  Rett gets a little side tracked with materials.   As you can tell. All those pom poms in correct spots were put there by me.   When I attempted to get him to complete this by himself we had a melt down.




Sissy was entertained at least.  We then tried some handwriting/prewriting practice.  I held Rett’s hand and did the entire sheet with a wipe off marker, then attempted to get him to do it by himself. He mostly wanted to mark on his other hand with the marker. I then tried to get him lace a P letter.  He threw a fit over that.   So far I am at ZERO activities performed successfully.

The ONE activity I got him to do.  This activity has 3 sizes of pumpkins and they have to match them up to the correct spot on the sheet.  He did this with no trouble. He did love putting them in the wrong spot and have me laugh and act like he was the most hilarious little boy I had ever seen.   After this I tried the open circle sheet with pumpkin candies and got no where and then gave up.  So.. that was our day.  Not good.  But tomorrow is a new day. Maybe he’ll be more willing to cooperate.  Who knows.


Today we went to swim school. Rett did so great. He was all smiles and cooperative.  He is using his arms a lot more which is great.  He is practicing back floats, being rolled over and grabbing the wall.   The swim school is very safety focused so teaching the children to always return to the wall and get out is a huge thing.  Rett can already get out of the pool on his own.  He was back to jumping in by himself today so that was great.   Miss Chanelle was very proud of his progress.  I have to admit I hate swim school in the winter time. He has to go in his clothes, then I change him. Then re change him. He has major being cold issues. He just shivers and shakes. So trying to dress a damp toddler at lightning speed… its all so much fun.   But at the end Miss Chanelle was trying to get him to swim to the wall and get out to me and he kept pushing off and swimming back to her not wanting to get out.  Its hard to not just deal with annoying things when your kids enjoy them so much.  And I can tell he loves his teacher.


I feel bad not blogging everyday because Rett is doing something new EVERY day right now. Jen said I’ll be sad when it stops because I always have something to brag on him about.  Today he brought the play food to me and said ‘I want eat’. I thought that was a pretty comical way to request that but whatever. Got the message across. So I opened it up.  He mostly wanted to label all the food and talk about ‘kitchen’ ‘hungry’.  He took the bowls and set the coffee table and put food in them.  He fed Sissy the play grapes.  And then…. he took a pot with a lid to the toy kitchen and said ‘CHICKEN! I’m hungry’ stirred his ‘chicken’ and ate with the plastic spoon.   Today my son p cooked his first pretend chicken.  I couldn’t be prouder.


Since we have been requiring more language from him he really has changed SO much. I’m not sure if its maturity or if we turned on the light bulb of what language really is but now when he watches his movies he narrates everything happening to me.   He points a lot more things out.  He seems to be just more ‘with us’ if that makes sense.


One more funny Rett story for the day. I was talking to Jen on the phone and he brought his animals over to me.  This is the bag of large animals.  He doesn’t like requesting animals because ‘animals’ to him are the bin of small animals.  He likes everything to have its own name.  I pointed to my lips which is my prompt for him to use his words.  He said ‘I want.. WHAT!’  ha! I told him he could say I want animals for it too.  He did but I could tell he wasn’t happy.


I called the other therapy place today. They aren’t accepting our insurance starting in November.  It really stinks because they seemed much more organized and professional compared to what we have now.   So the search continues. Hoping Tom can get the insurance stuff done this week so we can figure out if we’ve reached deductible and then I can sit down with Miss Rachael and see if we can get it worked out.

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