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A much better day!

November 4, 2011


Ok its only 10:30 in the morning but we already did our 1 hour of tot school and it went SO much better then yesterday.



I am trying to go from one organized, structured activity to one more fun, open ended activity.   Today we started with sorting pumpkins by size.  Rett actually used the word medium today for the medium ones. No big or little yet but we’ve only done it twice so maybe that will come. He likes to put them all in the ‘cabbage patch’.   After that we all did puzzles.   I made Rett request pieces from me. So for each piece he wanted he had to say I want farmer or I want cow, etc.   After he did that one I let him do the other two by himself. But he pushed the pieces to me and said ‘What do you want?’ meaning he wanted to request some more. I guess he likes that. So we did it that way. Sissy did the farm puzzle while we worked and she actually can put pieces in now!  She’s getting so big.


We worked with the magnets and covering the circles up.  He actually cooperated and got that all done. Tom worked with him last night on that also.  He likes to pretend to not do it right and then laugh and tell himself no.  Its ok the first time or two but EVERY SINGLE PIECE gets a little old.   He also covered up all the P’s on the other side and he could do that pretty easily.    We tried to do stringing today with beads. I bought some plastic wire and thought it would be easier but he had no interest. He can get the bead on but then when the string comes through the other side he just wants to push it back out again instead of pulling it through.  If I try to help he gets mad.  So I guess we need some work there.


Also played with play doh. His first instinct is to pull it into little pieces and throw it around so working on playing appropriately.  We stamped with some of the wooden beads. We cut out ‘cookies’ with the lid and then stamped them.  We made some balloons with the lid and rolling little strings. But if I stopped and tried to let him play alone, back to tearing things into pieces.



I’m busy trying to make all these great ideas I see on other blogs to keep our Sissy happy.  This is just a puff container with holes punched in the top with some pipe cleaners.  Transfer containers should hopefully keep her busy.



She really liked this but the pipe cleaners aren’t stiff enough. When she pushes they just bend and she gets really ticked off. So I’m going to get her some stirring straws and let her do those instead.  She is still working with it right now though even though she’s having a hard time so its kept her attention for 20 or 30 minutes.




Rett is really into checking out the toy magazines that keep showing up.  I wish I could find two copies so I could make him a matching file folder game.  I might have to see if they have them in store when we go next.


I changed out Rett’s sensory tub today but didn’t get pictures of him using it yet so hopefully be able to snap those tomorrow.  Its extremely hard to manage two toddlers with attention spans of about 2 minutes and take photos at the same time!   We are going to visit my Great Aunt today for lunch so that’s always a treat!

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