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Can’t Get Enough!

November 7, 2011

Today was our first REAL day of Tot School! Well sort of. I still don’t have the set up I want but we actually did 2 hours of activities! I tried to stop at 1 hour because frankly, I was up getting sick last night and wasn’t feeling too hot but when I put him down from the table he cried ‘I want chair!!’ so we went on for another hour.  2 hours in the afternoon with no nap.  We are Tot School Rockstars!



The first thing he opted to do was play with the soaps.  Someone sent me these to photograph but they really are an awesome manipulative to use if you can get them for fairly cheap on Etsy. I’m not sure how much soaps usually cost.  They smell nice and with different colors and shapes you can do sorting, counting and lots of arranging.  Rett likes to pretend they are candy and feed everyone.  He counted the pumpkins and told me 2 pumpkins!  He is also really into 1 more. So eh would put one pumpkin down, hold the other one up and tell me ‘1 more!’ I usually say this when he is almost done doing something so he apparently latched onto this new phrase.



First thing we did at the table was continue to work on our Thanksgiving art project.  This is day 2. Yesterday we painted the plate. I stole this from I believe.   Today I painted his hand and then stamped it.



After that I let Rett have some free art time because he requested orange paint.  So he stamped some with the pumpkin soap and painted a bit.  He wanted red too.   I’m really hoping we get an easel for Christmas and I can do more free art with him. He’s been a sheltered art child.   Pumpkin soap is not the best stamper because when you wash it.. you sort of lose your manipulative a little bit so not a wise choice. But he was so excited to use them to stamp with so oh well.



After that we did some transferring using spoons. He REALLY didn’t want to use the spoons today. I gave him a few different choices. If he uses his fingers he gets into his sprinkling thing and doesn’t actually get anything done. So trying to keep him on task, I demanded he use his spoon. He kept a close eye on me to see if he could use his fingers sneakily.


You can see the sneaky look here. He’s technically using the spoon but using his fingers too. Uh.  So he wanted to be ‘all done’ with this pretty fast since I wouldn’t let him do what he wanted.


Next was play doh.  Still working on getting him to work appropriately with play doh. Not happening.  When guided he does JUST fine but left to his own devices he only wants to pull it to pieces.  I am going to look for a small rolling pin to see if that helps.  Together we made O and P which he can identify both of those.  Then he cut out a moon with the lid and then used the lid on it and ended up with a crescent moon accidentally.   We made an octopus with the leftover moon bit. Made some snakes.  Then we made a smiley face/mustache.   I showed him it could be a frown too but he couldn’t figure out how to envision it once he held it up to his own face.  I need a hand held mirror to show him these funny times.  Hearing him laugh and using his language is reason enough to use our Play Doh.


Next we used the pom pom magnets and found all the P’s and we also did the other side to fill in the circles.  He does SO much better finding the P’s then filling in the circles. This is his face when he is purposefully doing them wrong.  He laughs, smiles, looks up at me and says ‘noooooooo’ and then I have to urge him to correct it. Ok the first two or three times its cute but eventually…. just find the P’s already!  I am trying to do this with enough repetition that he can do it alone. Right now I have to give him basically one pom pom at a time and be very firm on not taking them off.  While ‘typical’ kids may be having these very open ended do what you want activities at this time, its important for Rett to figure out these things have a beginning and end.  Also to do what he’s told and expected to do.  He gets lost in the manipulatives.  So for us its not just about what we’re learning, its about the process.  And finding the pride and excitement in a job completed and well done!

Then we moved on to tracing.  I can not get the kid to trace.  We actually did complete this but I have to put my hand over his and guide him. He loves it. But as soon as I let go, he is scribbling like mad.  He is saying the letter creation lines I said ‘Line down and a bubble’ but apparently not actually doing it.  I don’t know how else to work on this. May be just a maturity thing.


This is Rett’s ‘You are not letting me having my scissors’ face.  Yesterday we went to Michael’s and I let Rett pick out his first pair of scissors.  He picked purple.  Rett is fascinated with scissors. He loves to find them and bring them to me and tell me how dangerous they are. He loves to make the ‘snip, snip,snip’  sound from Dora.  He just all around loves scissors.  And I was ready (sort of) to get started with using them.  So I cut strips and drew lines on them to practice.  First I have to teach him how to hold the scissors. Yesterday all he would do is cry so I took them away.  He is either going to be careful and safe (ie. let me help) or he’s not getting them. So today we tried again. And this happened.  So I put him down thinking he was done and that’s when he begged me to get back up in his seat.  And then.. by some miracle.. he let me help. And he got some strips cut. He can’t open the scissors yet but he can close them.  So I’d open with his fingers and he’d snip.


Here is Rett sorting his squares by colors.  We will use them to finish up our turkey plate and practice gluing.


Oh we also did puzzles somewhere in the middle of this but I didn’t take a picture. I tried requesting from Rett but all he would do is repeat my request and cry so not exactly getting what you say when someone asks you for something.  Need to work on that.


Last we tried out stringing again.  Rett hates stringing. I’ve tried pipe cleaners. I’ve tried shoe string. I’ve tried plastic string. Now I bought a plastic needle and used yarn.  Nope.  He is such  a destroyer he just wants to take them off.  Oh well I’ll keep introducing and hope that eventually it clicks.


So that was our tot school today! Evie napped the whole time which is why she isn’t present in the photos.  And why we got so much done!

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