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Learning How to Trace

November 9, 2011

Trying to think of ways to teach Rett certain things seriously makes my brain hurt sometimes.  You know when you try to imagine how many stars there truly are and if feels like your brain almost has to grow out of your brain to perceive that? Yah.. it feels like that.


Like how do you explain to a kid what glue is?  Or what its for?  Or why we use glue?  Because he really doesn’t seem to get it.


How do you explain to a kid why we don’t just knock blocks down?  That he should ENJOY building?


How do you explain to a kid that ‘name’ means what we call you? You know that you are Rett so when I say ‘what is your name?’ just say Rett, ok? Yah.. doesn’t work.


Another thing that has boggled my mind is tracing.  But yesterday, I figured it out. Go me!



Yesterday I was catching up with blogs I love and finding new ones and during this 1 or 2 hour adventure, I found a wonderful post! And I promptly forgot where I read it. I hope these ladies can forgive my pregnant, dealing with a new diagnosis brain that can barely function.  Anyway, this mom had her children drive their cars over the letter shape. Then once they had the path in their heads, they put the cars in paint and free painted the letters from muscle memory.


And then I remembered this awesome sheet I printed off from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Its supposed to be a cutting practice but whatever.  It looks like a train track to me! So I showed Rett how to drive his train on the track. And we did that for awhile.  Then I got out the marker. I left the cap on and had him drive his marker on the track. And then I tried it without the cap on.



Ok so far from perfect BUT its a vast improvement from random scribbles he was doing.  I honestly think it helped a ton! I need to find smaller vehicles because his train doesn’t do the other ‘tracks’ very well.  Its a process but at least I have a better way to teach him.



Sissy is busy working on her one to one correspondence with this skulls ice cube tray and pumpkins.  She loves to sneak them into her mouth and then have me get onto her.  Makes her day.  Rett is actually using appetizer tongs that I bought at Wal Mart to transfer them. So mad I didn’t get a picture. I tried to talk him into doing this activity but today he basically wanted to do whatever Sissy was doing so while he wanted to do it when she had it.. as soon as I gave her something new so he could do it, he wanted that.  Aww the joys of having an almost 3 year old.



Rett used his scissors today!  He can now open and close them.  I have no idea how but overnight he suddenly mastered the opening skill.  This morning I put his hand in the scissors and he opened them right up.  After we practiced awhile today I can just hold them out and he puts the correct fingers into the correct slots. I’m still holding onto the paper while he cuts so working on having him hold the scissors to put his hand in and also to hold the paper.  Cutting is complex!   After he finished cutting up all his squares, I then tried to get him to glue them onto his turkey hand project so we can finally be done with that.  He was so not into gluing.  However I forgot the glue and he began gluing his muffins to the plate. I think he thought it was icing.  So I finished up his art activity for him. Need to take pictures of that.


Early intervention was supposed to come today and canceled. And they never make up sessions. Isn’t that nice?  So now I think we have one session left and we are done.


Rett’s play is still so, so far behind.  If I was going to be the perfect mom (which I’m not) I would basically follow him around ALL DAY LONG and tell him ‘this is now how we play with blocks’ and show him how to.  Then move to doll house, trains, dolls and everything else in the entire house because there isn’t much he does play with appropriately.  And once more, showing him over and over and over and telling him over and over doesn’t seem to do much.  The next time he goes for the blocks, he still just wants to make a huge mess and destroy anything Sissy and I try to build.  It is very frustrating and annoying when none of your teaching seems to show results. However he is randomly doing new play things that I never worked with him on.  Isn’t that great.


Rett’s internal schedule seems to be changing. I’m not sure why.  He is going to bed later then he usually had previously.  A lot of days he won’t take a nap, even if he appears tired.   He also rarely wants to eat breakfast as soon as he gets up anymore.  I don’t know if its a growth spurt or the weather change or what.  Maybe its all the earthquakes we’ve been having.  He definitely seems ‘off’ to me.

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  1. November 9, 2011 9:44 pm

    What a great idea! I love this! I’m going to try this with Sam!

    Sam had no pretend play, for so long. If we gave him cars, he sat and took the wheels off. If we gave him a bucket of dinosaurs he would sort them into piles. He didn’t pretend or try to be anything other than what he is. He did make plenty of messes though-day in and day out. When we received his pdd-nos diagnosis, no pretend play was part of the diagnosis and what they told me to work with him on.

    Over the last few months, he has been getting pretend and playing! It’s a marvelous thing to watch and something I will never take for granted again. This past weekend, he played house with his sisters for the first time. It was beyond precious!

    So, long story short, you are doing all the right things because you are doing something! If you sat around waiting for what all the people who are supposed to be there to help your child, well, you’d spend a lot of time waiting! Keep doing what you are doing and one day, when you least expect it, these skills you are working so hard on will suddenly happen and it will make your day-your whole year!!

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