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Getting ready for the week!

November 13, 2011

I love plans.  And organization.  And ideas.  They are exciting and comfortable.

This week we are working on the letter T in honor of all the turkeys laying on ice currently and Thanksgiving.    I have never heard Rett identify T independently so we’ll see how well this week goes.

I’m just going to do one post to give credit to all the things we’re doing this week and then reference back to it.   I got my printables from Confessions of  a Homeschooler Totally Tots  from her Thanksgiving packet (freebie!) and Mama’s Monkeys (freebie!) and another Thanksgiving packet from Itsy Bitsy Learners

Today we tried out painting with feathers.

I bought the paint holder from Hobby Lobby for .99! And that is regular price.  I washed it out as soon as we were done and its a nice reusable paint holder.  It doesn’t hold much per little spot but we aren’t using a ton of paint yet anyway.  This activity really didn’t hold Rett’s attention too long.  We haven’t done a lot of art projects though so maybe he just needs more practice.  Tom was home today so we overseeing the project while I got stuff laminated.

And here’s the masterpiece.  Daddy contributed the RETT and smiley face.  Rett had to have eyes on the paper.  He only spent maybe 10 or 15 minutes doing this.  But he got quite a bit on the paper.  I went ahead and washed the feathers in hopes to try it again this week.  Also would love to see what Sissy would do. Besides try to injest it.

This is Rett’s ‘tool box’.   I stole this idea from someone. Sorry, someone I forgot who you were.   This is a Montessori practical life box.  It has different size nuts and bolts (thanks, Mom, for raiding the garage!) and the idea is for him to match up the correct matches and screw the nut onto the bolt.  I got his little wooden ‘tool box’ from Michael’s along with the stickers.  So far he has not screwed the nuts onto the bolts.  He has attempted to put the nut onto the bolt and I’ve heard him say things like ‘too big’.  Its more exploratory. He also likes to put things into the open lid and organize it.

Here is our November sensory tub. I bought unpopped popcorn in yellow and white.  It also has his tractors in there.  Some pumpkins.  Measuring cups and cupcake liners.  Some pine cones.  A few Thanksgiving figurines that Mom let me borrow. I remember playing with those as a kid.  And a little wooden wheelbarrow I found at Hobby Lobby in the dollhouse section. He hasn’t played with this tub nearly as long or requested it as often. I’d say he requests to play with it every other day?  Hard to compete with the Halloween stuff I guess.

Rett’s tracing progress is awesome! Ok so just the top line.  The whole stop and change direction thing is hard for him. But that top line is almost perfect!  I printed off a lot of tracing sheets this week to practice.

Excited to start our week off and see how things go!  Speech tomorrow. Rett should be excited to see the castle, ahem I mean Miss Rachael, after his week off!

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