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The best gift you can give your child

November 14, 2011

Sometimes its hard to watch your child do a task.  You sit there and watch.  Maybe they are doing it right.  Ok.. maybe they aren’t.

For me and my control issues, it is very, VERY hard to watch a child struggle.  First off, I’m a zippity doo dah person who loves everything to be done fast and efficient.   I’m not very detail oriented, just get me the final product, please!  And the long painful process of watching your kid try to thread the wooden bead for the 50th time can be… let’s face it.. a little taxing on my nerves.

But I’ve learned.  I’m so thankful I was teacher before I was a mother.  My students taught me so much that I can now use with my own kids.  What excellent guinea pigs they were!

There is no better gift you can give a child then that of time.  Time to complete a task their way.  Time to think.  Time to explore. Time to make mistakes and learn why that’s not going to work.  Just a little time.  Now of course if a child is getting frustrated or about to burst into tears, a little guidance is nice.  But if you find yourself constantly giving answers, telling them how to spell words and taking over crafts… you may have something to work on.

Not that I’m a perfect mom. I’m just a mom.  But when I let Rett do something himself, I do think he realizes that HE did it.  Alone.  And I watched without the need to take over.   Their does seem to be more pride in a task accomplished without help.  But a 2 year old needs more time then I do to do some things.  And my job is to give him that time to get there.

Even if it does drive me a little crazy.

Ok on to our day today!!

Well it was Monday so that means speech with Miss Rachael and her beloved castle.  As soon as we set foot in the door, he was trying to race down the hall to get into the room.   I spoke with the receptionist lady about play therapy there.  She told me that they have an OT play group with some boys Rett’s age.  There are just 2 in the group right now.  And it would be billed just like OT.  So we will start that in January also! I told her I was looking for something to teach him correct use of toys, instigating play and playing correctly with a friend.  He does take turns very well but I’m afraid as far as destroying things they build or knocking things down that they are working on.. he’s not doing so great.

Today nobody was at the speech office again so I could hear the speech session.  She has started to do a lot of things that I’ve seen on the ABA video where she puts things up high and has him request help through multiple steps. First ask where is the dragon?  Then say ‘There it is!’ Then say ‘I want to get it!’ then say ‘Help!’ and she also had him say ‘Lift me up!’  I was really pleased with that.   I’ve never heard her do that before so it sounds like she’s pushing him a bit more.  She also had him saying ‘another one’ and ‘I want more’. Also I want more of whatever it was.   I talked to her after about his progress.  We are up for another speech eval in January and she thought he should get it done. Its free so not like I care.  He doesn’t really respond well to these evals but she can try!  He likes to do things the way that Rett likes to do things.  Surprise, surprise.

After that, we came home and started tot school.

First we started with his dot dot markers.  He did really well today looking for circles.  He still did some randomness but I did see improvement.  He’s still not holding the markers correctly without me turning his hand over each time.

Then we moved onto matching.  Today he moved to another box full.  I think he has like 8 pairs left that won’t fit into a box.   He is really good at this.  He seems to memorize at least what box they are in because he looks towards the right box almost automatically.   I guess we’ll start trying to do mini real games soon. I’m not sure if he’s ready or not.

Then onto our play doh turkey!  Really working on Thanksgiving vocab this week.  We put feathers and googly eyes on him.  Rett wasn’t all that impressed overall with the turkey.  He mostly wanted to pull the feathers out and put them back.

I printed 2 copies of this off. One copy I just cut the words out in huge hunks and the other copy I cut out the individual letters.  I gave him one word and the letters to match up.  I thought he did really well with letter identifying.  He had some trouble turning them over if they were upside down.  He called the pilgrim set ‘cow boy’. Apparently anything hat related is cow boy right now.

We broke for lunch and then later this afternoon resumed with our week long craft project.  Today we finger painted on the inside of an Arby’s sack.  I will trace their hands and cut out hand prints from the sack once it dries.  I have no idea how to teach a kid to finger paint, but Evie’s painting skills are pretty pathetic.  Rett has been trained at Mother’s Day Out.  I need to send her there for training I think!

Our transfer activity is pouring beads between these two cute leaf things that I found at Wal Mart. Apparently haven’t removed tags yet.   Rett does REALLY well as long as I remind him to keep his fingers out of the bowls and pour.

   So Sis was a total rock star today! She did this entire puzzle with NO help at all 3 or 4 times today.  She can name all the animals and sounds.  I think she’s a genius.

She can also do her shape sorter all by herself now!  Big girl!

And Rett did his tracing today.  Gotta get those Pilgrims to the Mayflower!  I have enough of these for him to do the same one everyday so hopefully I’ll see some progress. I tried my hardest to let him do this with no help but he still isn’t really  getting it.

I was feeling pretty guilty with how much TV the kids watched today but we still got a lot done! Mom brought a new Sesame Street ABC video over and Rett demanded to watch it 3 times!  Hope everyone had a great Monday!

Where Did I Get That?!  All printables are downloded for free from awesome home schooling mama blogs. Check out this post for where I got our stuff for the week!

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