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Our Tuesday

November 16, 2011

Tuesday’s are a weird day since Rett is at Mother’s Day Out and not here with us.   Today was 25% off at Goodwill so Mom and I hit up two stores with Evie.  Not a whole lot of goodies to be found but I did score a comforter I had been eying at Target for.. well free because Mom bought it for Christmas.. but it was 15.99 before 25% off!


Managed to squeeze in a few things today after Mother’s Day Out.


Went ahead and worked on our turkey craft’s next step.  I traced the kid’s hands three times on each of their finger painted bags and cut them out.




Then we painted the outside of our toilet paper tubes by rolling them around on a cookie sheet with some finger paint.  I should get these finished with them tomorrow during tot school.


I’ve been working with Sissy and coloring on white paper.  All that pushing the imagination with a blank canvas and all that.  Yah she colored a LOT more using the coloring page.  She is identifying a few colors now.  Yellow and purple.  She can say all the color words but can only label those two.



I printed off a ‘find the letter’ sheet but Rett couldn’t figure out what I was wanting him to do.  So yesterday I stumbled across this awesome printable where the ABC’s are all in order.  I modeled singing the abc song and putting one pumpkin on each letter.  Then I had him do it.  He has to be CONSTANTLY reminded to only get one pumpkin at a time and redirected back to his task.  He about quit on us around the letter T but with a little pushing, he prevailed!  He was also hungry and it was late in the day so I thought he did pretty well.  Its amazing how well he’s identifying letters now!  We’ve been watching the sesame street Alphabet Jungle video multiple times a day because he loves it so much.   Today when I pulled out the scissors to cut out the hand prints, Rett said ‘Scissors! S!’  from the video.  Woohoo!



I tried to keep away from Pinterest for as long as I could but yesterday when searching for a toddler pack it came up and suddenly I realized how SIMPLE it makes organizing ideas.  So I succumbed.  I found this cute idea for shaving cream paint for the bath and whipped some up.  Just shaving cream in a silicone tray with a few drops of food coloring (watch out for staining your mortar).



My speed lite died. So much for awesome bathroom photos like normal.  Kids enjoyed painting!


And that was our Tuesday 🙂


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