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We all have bad days

November 16, 2011

You know how I posted about those awesome, amazing, comfortable PLANS I had earlier this week? Yah… they work SO much better in my head.


We didn’t get any tot school done yesterday because of Mother’s Day Out so I felt like we had a lot to do today.  I got like this in my classroom too. Wednesday would hit and I knew I barely had any time to get all the activities done so true to myself, I always tried to squeeze too much in.


Too many activities and plans is almost like Thanksgiving Dinner.  I mean.. it sounds really good. It tastes REALLY good. I love checking off all the ‘to do’ bulletin points’.  But when you’re done,  your stomach hurts.   Wouldn’t it be better to have just done half as much and enjoyed it?  To not feel the pressure to work through these activities so that we can get on with all the rest we have to do?  Why do we ‘have’ to do them? My kid isn’t even 3!  Yet I can’t seem to change.  I’m a rusher and a doer and a check things off the list kind of person.


Last night a cold front moved in. Which from my teaching experience should have let me know. Cold fronts aren’t good for kids’ psyches.   Rett was very uncooperative.  And I was very stubborn. I wanted him to do the activities.  Normally I would have just moved on to something else.   Cold fronts aren’t good for mommy pregnant psyches either apparently.



Here Rett is. Doesn’t he look adorable refusing to work?


I had two fun planned activities today to work in around our normal work.  I like to have him do a more structured activity and if I see some stubbornness showing its head, I can bring up what we are doing next.


Like I said yesterday, pinterest has become my newest obsession so I found these ADORABLE fall cookies to make! And we already have cookie cutters that we had been using on the play dough so perfect, right?


You just make a bag of sugar cookie mix as directed, then seperate it out into 4 bowls and color it with food dye.  Then I took little hunks of each color and arranged it into a mosaic and then pushed flat, then I rolled it out.  After that it has to go in the fridge for 15 minutes to harden up and you use your cookie cutters on it.


Since Rett refused to do his  pumpkins, I refused to let him help with cookies. He didn’t care.



So here are the cookies that Sissy and I (ok mostly me) made.  I admit that you can only do like 2 cookies before they are too warm again and you have to pop them back in the fridge. So I gave Rett a second chance.  Which he still refused to do anything.



At least somebody enjoyed this experience!  Yes, I let my daughter eat raw cookie dough.  The eggs come from our family farm so surely that must decrease the salmonella risk right?



After this I trudged on to puzzle.  Sissy is getting seriously good at puzzles.  She could tell where all these went.  This puzzle only has the outline and not a picture inside to match.  Rett acted like he wanted to participate, but didn’t.


At this point.. I should have known. But I decided to go ahead and try our painting activity for the day.  Sissy was in a bright red shirt, so that was a good sign.


I printed off these tree printables and then the kids were supposed to add leaves. Ok it really wanted them to finger print leaves on the tree but that was NOT happening. It was going to be a smear fest. So I demonstrated how to dab with the q tip.   It quickly turned into a smear fest.


Does it really matter that Rett is adding leaves to the tree trunk and Sissy is smearing it around into a unrecognizable mess?  Now that we are past the Mommy meltdown moment, no it doesn’t.  But in the moment.  When nothing else had gone right that day.   I may have overreacted a little. I may have been a little controlling.  I may have set up an activity that calls for more maturity then my children had then expected them to do it the way I wanted. I set them up for failure and got mad at them for it.  I may be ashamed of myself.


So today I wasn’t super mom.  Today I called my husband and made him come home from work and I took an hour and a half nap on the couch and we watched movies all afternoon.  Because today was one of those days.  But.. there’s always tomorrow!

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