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A Rebound Day!

November 18, 2011

After yesterday’s disaster, ie tot school,  I seriously wasn’t feelin it today.   I forgot to mention yesterday that our washing machine started leaking out onto the floor.  And I seriously need to wash diapers.   And then our kitchen was full of tools, the top of the washing machine and other things that I can’t identify.   So I was a bit stressed out.


Tom went to work late today so he could fix the washer.  It had a rip in some tube.   Then once he replaced it, it was still leaking. But he bought a clamp so hopefully THAT fixes it!


So overall, I was pretty stressed.  Tom went to swim school today with us which was awesome to not have Sis screaming ‘I WANT DOWN I WANT DOWN’ while I was attempting to get him ready in the locker room.  He did fairly well. Not as great as last week but he wouldn’t eat breakfast this morning so he might have been hungry.   At the end she was having him swim to the wall to me and then climb out. He’d swim to the wall and grab it and then swim back to her.  So great to see that he loves swim school so much.


After that we came home and watched some tv.  And we played with blocks and animals.  And with the play kitchen.  And I kept avoiding tot school.  Then it was lunch time and then I decided everyone needed a nap. Including me.


After nap,  I put my brave face on and tackled tot school.  Rett did NOT want to get into his chair today.  I decided to try to bribe him by doing a water transfer activity using measure cups.  I thought he’d love it! By the time I finished getting it all together, he said ‘I want beads’.  So there went that great idea out the window. But the beads were enough jump start to get almost 2 hours of tot school done!


We did a few repeats.



Rett didn’t want to do the dot dot markers today.  Then I took them away and made him request them from me and he was fine.   So odd what works for him sometimes.  He was doing a LOT of counting today while dotting.



Here’s what Sis was busy with. I wanted to do the cheerios on a spaghetti noodle but we had no cheerios. Of course.  So I found some hollow noodles.  She couldn’t manage it.  The spaghetti was too far above her head.  So instead she mostly stabbed the noodles in and out of the play doh.  Whatever keeps her from screaming.



When I pulled out the memory matching today I decided to try Sis out with six.  And surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly) she could do it.  Without instruction.  I’ve declared her a genius.



This was a new activity. I’m trying to do more with number recognition.  Especially while Rett is into counting. Montessori talks about times when children are more interested or into doing a certain thing and taking advantage of that time period.   Her theory was that children learned best during these times of interest or crucial times and that if you ignored it or let it go by, they may have a harder time learning it later.  Well right now is apparently counting time for Rett because he is counting CONSTANTLY and improving dramatically.   He counted to 14 the other day without no skips or repeats!  That definitely isn’t normal for him.  He is also saying ‘2 trains’ or today he had 4 piece of play doh and he told me 4.


So anyway,  you basically line up the numbers and then count the number of Thanksgiving objects and put them by the right one.  He had to have a lot of support.  He doesn’t recognize the numbers so I put them in order and we went over them a few times.  I had to jump start his counting. He didn’t seem to understand what I wanted when I said ‘how many’.  He just kept saying ‘boat, boat, boat’.   But we eventually got it done together.  I then tried to tempt him into doing it again with the intent of supporting him less, but he refused so we moved on.



Rett started getting antsy at this point so I thought maybe something with more sensory/physical component might work to keep his attention going.   He had a hard time doing this at first. He wanted to brace the clothespin by holding it at the bottom while squeezing.. which we all know holds it shut.  But he eventually got it.  He needs more practice doing this though.  He did all the clothespins once and then told me he wanted to do it again but he quickly fell apart and started just playing with them.



I honestly can’t say that I see much improvement with tracing this week. However he’s not been doing it daily like I planned either.  He is definitely requiring less coaching and getting better with the ‘idea’ of it.




Then we did this color by number.  Rett isn’t big into coloring.  This was a much more ‘intro’ activity rather then anything else. Just wanted something to work on the number identification.



Rett requested this activity today.  Matching up pumpkin halves.   He can’t seem to move on from Halloween.  This is from the pumpkin pack printables at


The highlight of our day today was Rett’s play doh play!  I found a really awesome idea site on pinterest that had different ways to play and manipulate play doh.  So today I set out to try it with him.



He used the animals to make foot prints and also pushed them in on their sides to make imprints of them.   He played appropriately with the play doh for a really long time! Appropriately being NOT tearing it into little tiny pieces.



And we also cut our play doh some.  That’s always fun.  Rett doesn’t like to cut it if we make worms.  He feels bad for them I guess.


Tom has been working with Rett to answer ‘What is your name?’ with ‘I’m Rett!’  Today I prompted him ‘What is your name?’  The VBA method says if you expect a wrong response or it is longer then 2 seconds, prompt the answer also.  Its better for him to be prompted then to say the wrong answer.  So I prompted him to say ‘ I’m Rett!’ and he did!  This is a big step for him. Hopefully once we do this enough he’ll know that that question goes with that answer even though he may not really understand what information he’s giving.  I just worry that if he got lost or separated from us he couldn’t even tell anybody his own name.  What a scary thought!

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  1. November 20, 2011 6:35 pm

    so creative with the doh…

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