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Rain, Rain go away!

November 22, 2011

Rain is not the best way to start out a week. Unless you get new green rain boots that you love.



Score $5 goodwill find.


Tom’s car was in the shop so he watched Sis while I took Rett to speech today.   After, Miss Rachael said he was talking a lot today.  I asked if she was working on ‘up there’ and ‘down there’ with him because he’s pointing things out if they are too high or if they fall.  She said she was.  So yay, he’s actually picking up on something!  She said they are now working on  I _  the train inserting different verbs.  So I want the train, I make the train, I move the train, I drop the train.   I think he’s really doing well and she seems to have finally gotten to the place where she can tell me what they are working on so that’s a good sign.   She told me she had to take all the doors off the castle to help him play a little bit better.  She also commented on how his play starts off pretty well and then deteriorates.  Which is the same thing I’ve been saying.  Overall, I think he had a good session.


Then we came home to Sis going down for nap so perfect time for tot school!  We stuck with the letter T this week since I knew it would be a short week with turkey day.



First we started out with putting erasers on Christmas pencils.  This takes LOTS of concentration.  And effort to not play with the pencils and erasers.


Then we moved on to making a T with pattern blocks.  I thought he would enjoy this a LOT more then he did.  He didn’t even get to finish.  He started sitting the blocks up and flicking them over so I had to take them away. You can print the letter sheet off here.  Of course I printed a TON of pattern block Christmas themed mats.  Maybe he will be more into those. Fingers crossed.



See what rain does to my child?  Wow this tracing is horrible. You can pick this up in the Thanksgiving printable pack here.



So typically what I’ve been doing is laying the numbers out in order and going over them.  Just pointing and counting aloud and then helping him count the groupings of pictures.  He does not get it.  The kid can count up a storm but you ask him ‘how many?’ and he gets a little lost.  I pointed to the boats and said ‘one, two’ and then waited.  His response was ‘boat, boat, boat’.  Nice.  So instead I helped him count, put them in the right spot and then he wanted to put the numbers in order several times.  It works for me! You can get this at the link above.


You can ALSO get this at the link above.  This was the winner for the day!  This unit was a transportation unit.  She has a picture layout like this for each unit. Then you say ‘can you find the ____?’  and work on the vocab building.  Well labeling is Rett’s thing.   He LOVES to tell you what everything is.  He even picked up that he was supposed to mark on the picture without me explaining.   We did this FIVE times and I had to make him stop.  After each time he successfully went through them all, he had to then point and tell ME every name of the things. He doesn’t need to work on vocab but he does need to get in the habit of listening and following directions.  There were a few times where he wanted to go off and mark something random because I wasn’t going fast enough for him.  So we are still getting some work done.



Our dot a dot turkey.   You can pick it up here.  I am ignoring the fact that he’s not actually dotting the circles.   I try to get him to.  I guide him to do it. But he just doesn’t want to.  In fact he’d mostly like to dot all the markers in the middle of the page and make a marker puddle.  He’s just not that into art.



Then he requested to do this transfer activity.  So we did.


I’m pretty sure after this I attempted a few things but an hour was apparently his limit today and he was done.  No coloring or markers today.  AHHH. I am never going to get this kid using a writing utensil correctly if we never practice.


I worked on clearing out a big spot for the Christmas tree which involved putting away the jumperoo (finally!) and moving around some things downstairs.  The children thought all the toys were new and exciting moved to their new spots and promptly started playing with gusto!  Maybe we don’t need presents this year after all.


And… its still raining.

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