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The holidays have hit!

November 27, 2011

Halloween seems to sneak up on me.  Then Thanksgiving takes me by surprise.  And before I know it.. its Christmas!  How does this phenomenon happen every year?


This year, I bought the kids costumes at goodwill literally a week (maybe?) before Halloween. I made turkey cupcakes the night before Thanksgiving after getting the idea of what in the heck to bring the night before that.   But Christmas! Oh, Christmas.. you will not get me this year!  Christmas cards sent (even the photo fancy kind),  gifts ordered for the in law part of the family, gifts wrapped and under the tree, major baking planned for, crafts and learning activities pinned on pinterest.  Christmas is in the box, sealed and wrapped up! But I think I’ll still be taken completely by surprise when it shows up.


Rett’s birthday is in 4 days. This is the first birthday we haven’t done a party.  I have major mama guilt.  Trying to ignore it.  We have a whole fun day planned but between my mom maybe having jury duty (ie, us having to drag Sissy around) and Tom having important meetings at work… we’ll see how my ‘plans’ go.


Thanksgiving was great! I didn’t get any pictures. I have a phobia of taking pictures of people that may not want their picture taken.  I’m fine taking them for clients or forcing my own poor children into it. But put me in a room full of people that may not cooperate and I just don’t bother. I always take my camera. It sits there and looks pretty. That’s about it.


Excuse the diaper slip there.



We got up the morning after Thanksgiving and drug out all the Christmas decor including our over 10 foot tall tree.  It took us a few hours to get it set up, then Evie needed a nap and THEN we started decorating it.  Rett was really impressed with the tree this year.  Evie kept petting it and saying ‘nice tree’.  I think she was also impressed.  She also likes all the fancy new toys we hung on it for her to rip off and run away from us with.



Today we did some tot school. Evie’s coloring is seriously impressive.  She colored almost this entire sheet for me.  I am so sad that I didn’t buy the bigger crayons for Rett when he was at this age.  I really think they are helping her.  I make her use the ugly nub size pieces which forces her to grip them correctly which is more comfortable for her to color and also produces more results.



Meanwhile Tom and Rett put together some airplanes I had left over from… something.


He also put some erasers on pencils. SERIOUSLY hates this activity.   He was doing so much better this time but needs constant redirection back to the correct use of materials and urging to finish the task. I think I should just give him five instead of ten. Maybe its overwhelming.  Just not something that interests him.  I let Evie try after him and it was VERY interesting to her, but she doesn’t have the fine motor skills yet so it just made her mad.



Evie put little present ornaments in muffin tins. Until she kept eating them and unwrapped one.


I bought this stick game at the dollar store.  Not sure what its SUPPOSED to be but we just use it to work on fine motor skills.   Evie did this activity also.



Evie is REALLY into doing the matching.  I still only let her have 6 pairs at a time but she will do the entire set of pairs and still want to do more.  I think that’s like 8 sets of 6 pairs.



I’m trying to get Rett to move into using the memory game correctly.  First I took just three pairs thinking we’d start with an easy game. He doesn’t get why he has to wait. And why I only let him turn over 2.  And why, why, why.  It just makes him mad. So I’m trying this instead.



I get three pairs and separate them into the hidden three and the visible three.  I tell him what order the hidden ones are in.  Then I show him one of the visible cards and see if he can remember which hidden one matches.  He did this last night and actually matched all 3 correctly.  Today he wasn’t into it and didn’t match any.  Figuring out how to get your kid to play a game meant for 2 plays by himself is tricky.    I’m not sure he really cares if he doesn’t get a match.


Rett has been identifying letters in order to put them into his clank can. I bought these letters at Hobby Lobby.



Came up with this activity randomly today and then totally forgot to photograph him doing it.  Used our wooden beads to sort by shape.  Rett really wasn’t into it.  Finally talked him into finishing by bribing with a puzzle.



And then Rett practiced stacking blocks.  Its hard for him to resist knocking them over but I think he’s getting better. As long as he is given a limited number of blocks and a set goal.  He told us he was building a castle.


Although he stills enjoys a little destruction in the end.


This week we are doing B is for Birthday in celebration of the big day!  Lots of fun B stuff going on and starting in on our Christmas crafts!

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