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Its a birthday week!

November 28, 2011

I can’t believe my little guy is going to be 3 in just a few days! Doesn’t seem possible!

It also doesn’t seem possible that I forgot to ask mother’s day out if I could bring cupcakes tomorrow. Sigh.


Tom’s car is in the shop so kids and I took him to work this morning at 7:30.  Then came home and unloaded for 30 minutes and then loaded BACK up to go to speech.   Speech was very crowded today and Miss Rachael didn’t say much except that he was talking a lot and being very cooperative. Until he had to leave and then he laid down in the hall and cried.  He also begged us to open the door so he could return to his playing.  At least he likes it there!


Then we came home and I cleaned up the kitchen from our quickly left breakfast disaster and put Sis down for a nap so we could do tot school.



We started with our do-a-dot activity.  He had to stamp all the B’s.  We’re practicing on JUST stamping ONCE instead of ten million times on each one.  He kept repeating ‘just one’ to himself.  You can get this here under her letter B printables.


More tracing. I had one more pilgrims to the ship page.  The first two lines he did himself, then we did some hand on hand tracing. He has started wanting to do squiggles instead of a straight line.  He’s really into train tracks though so I’ve been pushing the staying on the track.  He isn’t all that interested.


Then some transferring bells with tongs into the hearts… yah I have no Christmas themed thing to use. He doesn’t seem to mind.



We’re doing B is for birthday so I had a lot of birthday themed ideas.   This concept is that you give them a number of candles to put on the cake and they put that amount on.  Rett doesn’t quite understand the whole ‘put 3 candles on the cake’.  He can count. He knows what 3 is but he just doesn’t get what I want him to do.  This is him crying because I told him he had put 3 on there like he was supposed to and he could stop.



I then modified it by writing the number in the box and making a dot for him to place the candles on.   This worked ‘somewhat’ better but he mostly wanted to do what he wanted to do (inspect the candles closely and in great detail) and after doing the 7 announced ‘all done.’  You can pick the birthday cupcake up here.


Then sorting big from little B’s. You can pick up this activity here.



I had been trying to get him to place objects on the letters to identify them.  He hated that.  Then when we were doing our transportation mat, I realized he loves to use the marker and mark the ones I call out.  He did this happily for a few. He just can’t do the entire alphabet.  My plan next time is to pick out 5 letters from our clank can and have him pick one to find on this sheet.  You can download this in the same packet as the cake with the candles.



This is what it looks like when you can do your number puzzle all by yourself quickly!  He is so proud to do this puzzle. It doesn’t have the pictures inside the slots to cue him. He has to match it up by the shape of the number.  Tom has been prompting him to ‘turn it around’ so he says that to himself sometimes.   He even said ‘7’ today!  That’s a first. I bought this puzzle in the dollar section at Target.



We did some transferring with pony beads. I picked up some festive green and red ones at Wal Mart this weekend.  Rett was excited to see the new colors.  I let him use the scoop and make christmas cupcakes.  After I finished this series of pictures, I sat down and made him put one hand on the table.  I had to keep putting his hand back down.  He doesn’t NEED to use the other hand, I think he just likes to feel the beads. But the hand gets in the way. He can’t really tell where he’s aiming the scoop and he missed the cupcake a lot more using two hands.



And then, miracles never cease, my child actually put the beads on a pipe cleaner. First. time. ever! Ok he only did 8. But that’s ok, I’ll take it.   He did it completely independently and without crying.  Woohoo!


Then we did some hand on hand B’s.  I made him try once by himself in between each time (as you can see from the scribbles, he did excellent).  He would repeat my B talk ‘Line down, a bubble, a bubble’.



And we ended with some alligators and pipe cleaner matching.


Whew! An hour and a half later, we were done.   Luckily Rett can already identify B and has been for awhile so not all that worried about that so more time to do ‘other’ things.


Tomorrow is mother’s day out! Hope I don’t forget to ask about cupcakes…

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