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No one can tell me what to do! Darn it.

November 30, 2011

Lots to update with today so just prepare yourself.

Dr. Kellie sent us the diagnostic write up for Rett. Not anything surprising in it.  She sort of scared me in the e mail when she began with ‘I am writing this for him to get services and I know he’s progressed since I saw him but I am hoping this will help him get the services he needs.’  I was thinking WHAT did she write up?! But it all ended up being just as it was/is.   She gave me some places that she recommended we move to when we get to Georgia.

She recommended that we move to Atlanta and rent first while he’s in preschool so we could attend this preschool she recommends.  Then move to one of the counties she recommends for actual kinder and up.   She knows all the places that have resources in place already where you know you won’t have to fight and hope and wish that your kid gets help.

It is tempting to rely on someone else.   When someone comes and tells you that this is what they did for THEIR child and they are a doctor specializing in autism.  You think that it must be the best way. It must be the best choice.  But at the end of the day, the sad truth is no one can tell us what to do.

I try to think of reasons why Rett shouldn’t be home schooled.  He should learn how to share. And join other children’s play. He should learn how to react to new situations, ask for help and be introduced to new things.  Well isn’t that what Evie and Thad are for?  Isn’t that what home schooling is for?  What will he get from public school that he can’t get from me?  I know he needs VBA/speech and OT. I know this.  But if it comes down to public school would just be easier… that doesn’t seem like a good enough reason.

I don’t want to come off as the mom who thought her kid was too high functioning for ABA therapy.  I don’t want to seem naiive or unrealistic about the situation we are facing.  I have been open to ABA. I have looked into programs online that we could do, I’ve looked at videos and also have tried out mini sessions.    I understand that ABA works and it helps the kids that need help with skills or daily life activities.  But Rett doesn’t seem to have any delays in that stuff yet.  His delays are social (insert VBA therapy here) and play (need some sort of therapy here).   I worry about ABA get rid of the real Rett in there.  It is scary.

Trying to make decisions on where we are going to live for preschool and then kindergarten and asking me to give up my hopes of home schooling is very hard.   In the end, if I just knew what resulted in the best outcome for Rett, that’s the choice I would make.  But life doesn’t work that way.

Lisa (early intervention) came for her last visit today. It actually went really well! She said she just wanted to play with Rett today.  She brought a bowling game set.  She would put the pins up and Rett had to roll the ball and knock them down.  This meant he had to wait for her to set the pins up, roll (not throw) the ball and also aim.  He did awesome. He was great about waiting, caught on to rolling very quickly and laughed at her being silly.  He also started miss throwing on purpose and laughing about that.

She also had him match up some cards.  They were the same thing but not the EXACT same thing.  Like two different monkeys.  Or maybe one was a picture and one was a drawing.  He could do all that without any coaching.

She brought lacing beads, which he didn’t want to lace.  But he did stack up some blocks and blow them down a few hundred times.

Then she told me she thought he would be fine and left.

We also did tot school this morning before Lisa got here!

Sissy was REALLY into transfer activities today.

Rett REALLY wasn’t.

I decided to take a more laid back approach to tot school and let Sissy experiment and use the materials until she got bored. Or started throwing them over the table. Usually I make her complete the whole task and then dump it out or whatever.  But this micro managing means that activities she should be doing on her own, I am still overseeing. Which takes away from Rett who needs instruction and watching over basically all the time.  Also it just adds stress for no reason.  I thought I did fairly well.  Maybe a B- on the control freak scale. Rett was VERY difficult to get started this morning.  He didn’t seem into anything I suggested although he chose the activity, he then changed his mind and said ‘all done’.  I stuck with trying different things until I caught his interest.

Rett sorted by shape again today.

He really liked to stack them while sorting today.

And then try to blow them down.

Sissy meanwhile was busy beautifying herself with silly bandz or whatever these things are called. I had gotten this pack for free with a happy meal or something.

She also liked putting them on or in the TP tube.

Sis also worked on sorting by color.  Which she hates and promptly starting hurling them onto the floor with glee.

We also did some coloring.  Some being very little. Like I maybe got them to color for 5 minutes.  Neither one of them were feeling it today.  Also I ran out of tape after wrapping presents last night and the leftover garage sale stickers were very distracting.  Then very frustrating when I wouldn’t let them pick them off.  Uh. Add that to the list of things to get this weekend.

This was THE ‘I am so proud of my kid’ activity of the day.  Rett was REALLY into focusing on hitting the circle today.  Ok you can see a few where he double or triple stamped but he was trying harder today then I have ever seen him to line it up and push hard one time in each circle.

And here is his masterpiece!  Sissy dotted a left over turkey and honestly drove me pretty crazy requesting different colors every two seconds and wanting to just take the tops off and on or eat the colored part.

Sometimes an activity doesn’t go as planned.  I PLANNED to choose several letters out of the clank can and have Rett choose one to find and mark with the marker.  He kept fighting me.  I couldn’t tell what exactly he was upset about.  But he seriously disliked the activity.   Then when I left him alone, he started matching up the alphabet letters to the balloons.  This is how HE wanted to do the activity.  And I could care less.  He was still finding letters and still saying letter names so we were all happy.

Rett also matched up butterfly colors.   This activity for some reason calls to his love of doors. He loves separating and putting the pieces back together.  The opening and closing motion.  Just can’t escape the ‘doors’ that are all around us.


B printables can be found here.

And then me with my grand plans of ART.  I knew we needed to start Christmas crafts. I got on pinterest and searched through to find an easy enough one where I already had the materials.  I found one that involved stamping with Christmas cookie cutter shapes.  This seemed simple enough.

Then insert Sissy into the mix.  Sissy wants to do all sorts of naughty things with paint. Like touch it when she’s supposed to use the cookie cutters. Or not press down and smear the cookie cutters everywhere. How dare she be 18 months old!  Her favorite trick though is to eat it.  Because she knows I hate it.  That I want to rewind and choose to NOT do painting with cookie cutters because she (I) can’t handle it!  I don’t think Sissy and I have had a fun art experience yet.

Rett did awesome though! Apparently this is more of a 3 year old activity rather then 18 month activity.

So that was my huge rambling update for the day! Tomorrow is BIRTHDAY!  I can’t believe he’s 3.

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  1. December 5, 2011 9:37 pm

    =) Your Sissy sounds like my “J”

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