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I need a play therapy report card

December 2, 2011

First a quick run down of what we did for Rett’s birthday!



Our traditional birthday pancake shaped in the #.  3’s are MUCH easier then 2’s.  Last year’s was pretty embarassing..


And my rock star blew out his own candle! That’s a first!



Then it was off to swim school! He did rocket arms for the first time on his own today. Usually Miss Chanelle has to put his arms up for him.   This is the pre diving skills.  She has him bend over at the waist and go in head first. He’s not doing that solo yet but I know she will be working on it with him.



Swimming to the wall.  He kept pushing back to Miss Chanelle because he didn’t want to get out and thought since I was there taking pictures it was time to leave.



His favorite thing every, the ducky!



Then off to the bouncy place!  Jumping + ball pits = heaven for Rett!


We came home, had quick lunch and dropped off Sissy with Mom before heading off to watch Puss in Boots. We were the only ones in the entire theater.  It was like Rett got a private showing for his birthday! He really loved the movie.. and the pop corn!



Then opening presents! His first imaginext toy! I love this thing. It has fewer pieces then the Little People sets but more stuff to do.


Also his Polar Express train! He loves this thing.  This has been one of his favorite movies for a LONG time now!


Who’s toy is this exactly?



Then off to Santa Fe’s for dinner.  Rett loves the cow there and also loves to sprinkle the peanut shells on the floor.  This was the basis of our choosing the restaurant for him. I really need to work on place names with him.


After dinner, we came home and skyped his birthday cake with his Gigi, Papaw, Dindaddy and aunts that were in Tuscaloosa. Skype is so awesome! Nothing like being sang to a few thousand miles away.   Then Gigi watched him play with his train some more.   He had a really great birthday I’d say!


And after ALL of that yesterday.. today I have been in pajamas (although I did take a shower).  The kids have been watching movies that he got for his birthday and I have been cleaning/purging. I think I may be nesting.  We did a mini tot school with barely any educational value at all and played!



Found these dino magnets… somewhere.    Exciting enough to get Rett into his chair by his own free will but didn’t do very well at keeping his attention.


I got some new puzzles yesterday at wal mart. This is one where they match the front of the trucks to the backs.  It says 3+.  Evie is having difficulty because all the fronts fit everywhere.  There is no way to check yourself. But we’re working on it.  Rett did this perfectly the first time.


Evie worked on beautifying herself.  I call this necklace transfer to your own body.   She loves putting on jewelry.


Rett worked on this ABC puzzle. This is very difficult for him. Lots of pieces and it isn’t a match the picture type puzzle.  I had to sit down with him and only give three at a time.  We started with A and worked out way through.   Going to need some practice on this.


Rett wanted in on the jewelry fun.


Then Rett did this puzzle he got for Christmas last year.   Its a really complex task if you go through all the things you need to do to organize a puzzle with pieces. He has to know to lay them all out. He has to know where to start. He has to know what to do if he can’t figure out where a piece goes or if he needs to turn it around.  Lots of skills to work on.  He did this twice and wanted to do it again but we had to break for lunch.


I read on this mom’s blog that her son doesn’t like to build or do puzzles because he has issues with spatial awareness. So I looked into this because Rett HATES to build!   I looked up activities to help with spatial awareness. Basically they are all activities he hates to do because he has issues with it and they aren’t easy.  Drawing, puzzles, building were on the list.  He doesn’t like any of those. He is getting into puzzles now and I noticed a correlation that he is now stacking a LOT better and does request the wooden blocks more so maybe that is a developmental thing.  Also working on the balance beam,  stepping on certain things on the floor (like carpet squares) and playing games like mother may I or Simon Says.  So I’m putting Tom to work on a balance beam for him.   And going to work on stuff he can walk on for the kitchen floor.  We’ll see if we can get some building improvement!


Ok so.. THEN I decided to do a little bit of play therapy.   Play therapy overwhelms me and I’m not that great at it, honestly.   Hoping when we start OT they will help.  Rett got his new Imaginext toy yesterday so I decided to approach it much like any other learning.  This week we worked on B so my goal was to have him identify B.  And he can.  So for his toy, my goal was for him to have ONE organized scenario to play with his space shuttle.


So for my scenario, we have the space station on the train table.


And these blocks which are going to be our cargo sitting in the living room on the coffee table.  These two tables are about.. 15 feet apart?


So the point was for him to take the spaceship and the little men from the space station to the coffee table to collect one block and bring it back to the space station. Then return until all the blocks were at the space station.   With all the excitement I could muster over our plastic air craft, I zoomed it back and forth with Rett following on my heels squealing in delight.  Then it was his turn.   Now my turn to chase him and direct him when he needed it.  I wanted him to:


A.  have a structure scenario that is easy to recreate WITHOUT me

B. Use the figurines with the spaceship/play


Figurines often get left behind. He’d rather just play with the vehicle.



I was very happy that he got the man out of the flight chair thing and used him how I did to pretend to pick up the rock and put it in the cargo bay. He did this every time but one without prompting, although I did say ‘great job for getting the man out!’ each time.



Then it was back to the space station! I loved hearing his little voice saying space station.  ‘Come on, space ship! To space station!’



Returning the red block to the space station.



After we got all four blocks to the space station, we brought them all back to the table and started again.



Rett did this one time successfully.  The second time he started playing, he got lost in the blocks when he brought them back.  So I let him be done.   Now the true test will be if he does this activity by himself with a few more practice runs.

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