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Crafty Crafters

December 5, 2011

This weekend we all spent some time being crafty!


Rett and Evie made some wrapping paper.


Rett did this one with this roller I bought at Hobby Lobby. It was a foam roller with Christmas trees and holly leaves on it.  It looked fun. It sounds fun.  Honestly it doesn’t work all that great.  I also bought some of those sponge paintbrushes at wal mart for .99 and he painted a LOT longer using those. Not sure if it was the novelty or he really liked them better. Time will tell!  Evie also did one but I haven’t wrapped the other gift yet.



I made these little matching dolls.  I still need to make their hats and add hair.  I got this from pinterest and you can see the original post here.  Hers are much cuter! I bought the wood materials at Michael’s and the paint at Wal Mart. The entire project costs less then $10.  Evie loves her  new ‘babies’.


Daddy made a balance beam.


Found this idea here on Little Hands, Big Work.  Took Tom about 5-10 minutes to set up.  Its supposed to help with spatial awareness and also calming.  He loves to walk on it if I hold his finger.  Evie likes to play on it also.   They both need practice using it.


Tot school started with some coloring.  These pictures came in plastic Santa plates you can buy to make at Michael’s. I scrapbooked gifts for some children I was watching in my home and had these left over.  Found them yesterday when cleaning out the cabinets.  Just in time for Christmas!



This is a new sensory thing for him.  Rubbing everything against his cheeks.  Especially soft or smooth things.



Sissy got in on the coloring action.  Love her blue gingerbread man.



Also worked with transferring.   She liked the pom poms again after they have had a break for awhile.



Rett sorted the penguins. I went on a recycling gift wrap paper kick.  I made this by cutting out penguins from wrapping paper, gluing on card stock and laminating.  You could also do patterning or counting depending on your child’s level.  Sissy also enjoyed dancing them around.



Sissy also made her own memory game by turning them all upside down. Not sure what goes through her little mind at times.


We are doing J is for Jesus this week.  Rett is doing extremely well with his stamping.  Not sure what clicked for him but I am so proud of his progress.  He was also counting while stamping.  I might let him try using garage sale round stickers on this sheet next.  You can find the J worksheet here.



Sissy got to do her favorite activity, matching up the memory card pictures.  She completed the entire game. I’ve been looking for another memory game for her for Christmas but nothing has caught my eye.



Another one of these counting activities.   You are actually supposed to draw the line on the worksheet from the number to the correct picture but I just laminated it and cut it up.  First we arrange the numbers in order.  Rett still isn’t doing all that well with number recognition.  Then we count the pictures and put them next to the correct number.  He has started to respond to ‘how many?’ by counting.  And after he counts he declares ‘Good counting!’  He will also say ‘count’ if I start counting so a lot of good concepts being picked up. He counted the angels, which were 4 but messed up when counting the stars.  Still, progress being made!  You can pick the worksheet up here.


Then we separated big and little J’s.  Rett did this completely on his own without having to be reminded to use materials correctly.  You can find this sheet here.



Rett LOVED this marking activity when we did the T is for transportation one. Not so much today.



Evie didn’t do much identifying but she did make a huge scribble mess.  You can find this worksheet here.


Sissy did color sorting.



while Rett decorated his tree.



Sissy played with her babies.  She is sorting them correctly MOST of the time surprisingly.



I have been trying to think of a way for Rett to play memory solo but still with a reward concept.  I couldn’t take many photos because he kept me pretty busy.  I chose 3 matches.  I put 1 of each match face down but showed it to him first before I did. Then I chose one card and asked him which of the three matched it. If he got it right, he got the cheerio. If he didn’t, I got the cheerio. Once the cheerios were gone, that was it.   Not sure it helped honestly.  Might need a few more trials.



Rett decided he wanted to put the babies to bed.  This meant face down in the cups for night night.  A little morbid.



He also took them out of their beds and put them on these ‘chairs’.  Wasn’t very interested in this. Mostly wanted to fly them around.


We also did puzzles and matching colors with pipe cleaners and clothespins.  All of this took us about an hour and a half. If you want to divide that by how many activities we get done and see how long my children’s attention span truly is.  They spend a lot of the time wanting to do what the other one is doing!


We were supposed to have speech today, but it was canceled. Hopefully Miss Rachael gets to feeling better soon!

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