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December 7, 2011

Its no fun to be overwhelmed.   Mostly it makes me want to crawl in bed with a book and never move.


That’s how I feel right now.


I am overwhelmed with baby belly

and finances

and my son

and moving

and my daughter

and what we should have for lunch everyday.


Choices, decisions, actions all require so much energy.   And I get up in the morning feeling tired so I don’t think that’s a good sign.


Now that I’m more aware of Rett’s inability to play correctly I feel compelled to micro manage him.  Stop the play that isn’t constructive and guide him to doing something else.  I don’t think I have enough energy for this. Because my child basically plays wrong OR plays with doors. Which is also wrong.   He also won’t let his sister play correctly which is a whole different issue.  The only thing he is able to do by himself is look at books.  Or watch movies.  Other then that, I have to be constantly supervising and playing with him or doing tot school.


The lady from the public schools came out to observe Evie on Tuesday and do an assessment.  She said that a lot of what Evie is doing is what they expect a 3 year old to be doing.  And that its a good thing I’m working with her.  Wonderful.   Evie scored at the top of the assessment charts on all areas. I can’t wait to see what sorts of activities she brings for her to work on next month.  Should be interesting.



This is the only activity Evie managed today.  Shortly after she turned into a howling, yawning fit throwing tired girl and went straight to nap.  She woke up at 12:30 (3 hours later) much happier.



Rett was also over coloring today.  He literally made a line of color on the correct baby Jesus and that was it.   I asked him if he wanted to do more and he said ‘all done with this’.  All righty.



I also tried this pre writing activity.  This was new. I thought maybe it would be easier since it had most of the line already there and all he has to do is complete it. No. He hated it. Kept handing me the marker. Demanding help.  Making random wiggly lines.   We are not doing so well with pre writing.



Rett’s been doing really well with the clank can. I just make him identify 6-8 letters each time we do it. I make sure to include only letters he knows or that we’ve already studied and then the one for the week. I’m hoping to just keep adding one at a time as we work out way through the alphabet.  I cover the whole up with my finger and after he identifies, he gets to put it in.  He asked to do this four times today before I had to force him to move on.


This was our craft today.   1 styrofoam tree (3.99), buttons (.99 for each color) and a packet of quilting pins or something like that (1.99).  I was attempting to explain the procedure to Rett and also warn of the dangerous pointy end of the pin.  Which.. I then poked myself.  Rett, however, never poked himself through the entire activity and he handled the pins for the remainder of the time.


This is a representation in button form of how long my 3 year old’s attention span is. I thought he did actually pretty well.  We will resume this activity tonight or tomorrow but I’m sort of expecting having to finish it completely by myself.  Most of the time I had to hold the button in place and have him pin but he did eventually get the point of leaving the tree on its side and balancing the button on there while pinning.  I think it looks pretty cute so far!



His most pressing decision was what sticker to choose.  I just took a sheet of cardstock and folded. Then wrote numerals 1-4 and had him place the correct number of sticks on the pages. You could also use do a dot markers, drawing something, pencil eraser stamping, stamp stamping.. whatever.  He really liked this activity. I need to cut the cardstock in half and make tiny books to save on paper waste.


We also did a lot of repeat activities from Monday.  I tried the memory game with bribery again.  If he made the match correctly, he got the cheerio, if he didn’t I got the cheerio.  I’m not sure he fully understands that sometimes I get the cheerio but he was willing to play 4 sets of games doing it this way and we moved up to 4 pairs of cards today.  He was losing focus there at the end so that is definitely his limit.


We also put together a 24 piece puzzle together today.  Go us!!


I found out if I put the balance beam closer to the coffee table so that he can hang on for now, he is a lot more likely to use the balance beam.  I’ll slowly start moving it away 🙂


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