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S is for Snowman

December 14, 2011

My last post was about feeling overwhelmed and then I didn’t blog for a week! I guess that tells you something, right?


We have since started taking the steps to putting our house on the market.  Also considering the choices and decisions that are coming up pretty fast.  Tom spoke with his boss and she is fine with him transferring so that is one major worry lifted.  Next is trying to get rid of our house.  The realtor wants me to put away most of the toys so not sure how I’m going to stay sane my final month of pregnancy but we’ll survive.


This week we are doing S is for snowman!



On Monday I made these cute snowmen donuts for breakfast.  I got the idea off pinterest.  I use one of those black frosting decorating pens. Yah.. bad idea. My friend Evie said she used mini chocolate chips. I can’t recommend going that route enough.  MESSY MESSY icing!



Evie wasn’t too sure about the snowmen.



Rett quickly realized that they were very messy and he was sort of over it. Evie took one bite of each snowman and she was done.  Then I ate the entire container of donuts over the course of the day.  Overall, a great success!



Then onto some actual learning!  Rett separated big and little S snowmen. You can pick this sheet up here.


Meanwhile, Evie markered on some coffee filters.  I had high hopes of spraying these to make the marker run and turning them into snowflakes. That hasn’t happened yet. Doesn’t it look like she made a 4 and a P?  Probably totally random but she did those all by herself as the first thing she put on there!



Evie and Rett both did this snowflake matching activity.  Rett did great. Evie had a hard time with no way to ‘stick’ it on there.  Also there wasn’t a huge difference between some of the snowflakes. She could do probably half of them?  You can pick up the snowflake matching sheet here.



Rett did a do a dot snowman page.  Can’t find where I printed this from since pinterest is down right now.



Sissy did the same sheet but with magnetic pom poms.  Then she ripped one off the magnet and pissed me off.  I’d use the round magnets but I know she would try to choke herself.  Not sure WHAT she can use for this activity.



I also made this activity based on something off of pinterest.  Ok I totally didn’t make snowmen faces on these guys?  Oh well.  I just did a simple snowman outline 6 times.  Then I made simple hats on black construction paper and wrote numerals 1-6 on them.  Rett has to put the number hats in order on the snowmen and then place the correct amount of buttons on.  Right up his ‘I love counting!’ alley.  He did this activity 3 times.  He is still catching on to the whole ‘this one needs 1, this one needs 2 but you have to start over counting’ thing.  I guess it is a hard aspect.



Here is our matching game. Its ever evolving.   I do have a more goal oriented approach though.  Rett does play this game basically against himself for now.  I choose 5 sets of cards. I try to choose things that are pretty different. I noticed that using rhyming words like cat/hat  made remembering which one was which more difficult.   I take one half of them and place them face down but I show him what they are first.  Then I put one card down and say where is whatever it is. Then he gets ONE chance to turn over a mystery one to see if he’s right.  Sometimes he can do all 5 matches perfectly.  Sometimes he gets stuck on wanting to pick up one card and never trying any of the others.


Here are my goals for this game:  1. grasping the concept that you only get 1 chance.  This is crucial for taking turns even though he isn’t doing that yet.

2. grasping the concept that we are trying to make a match by remembering the mystery cards

3.  being able to move on from one picture to the next if the match isn’t correct (ie. its cat, he flips one over and its wrong, now we are working on fish)

4. the vocabulary ‘match’ ‘same’ ‘alike’


Its a work in progress!


Monday we went to speech and Miss Rachael played with play doh with him.  She said he didn’t rip it apart and was playing appropriately!!!  WOOHOO!! Progress!


Rett can also answer ‘what is your name’ EVERY time now! I need to record it. He still sounds whiny but that comes later.  Much later.  Now I need to work on other people asking him and getting a response.   I am also trying to connect an adjective to a noun. ‘I want red car’  instead of just ‘I want red’. We’ve hit another brain roadblock with this one where he turns into a crying mess so have to push through that.  He is also working on ‘Can I’.  Its super hard to understand him and a lot of times he skips ‘Can’ and just says I jump? with a question inflection.  Yesterday when I brought him home from mother’s day out he said ‘Granny is at home’  meaning she was at our house watching sissy.  I’ve never heard him use an at sentence before so that was neat!


On the play side we’ve been working on building with blocks and resisting destruction.  We’ve been working with some new kinds of blocks including the giant cardboard ones and then playing with other figurines within the block play.   He is still mastering stacking up and resisting knocking them down once he gets a few stacked.


Yesterday Rett went to mother’s day out and when I picked him up of course he’d had a great day. Miss Charlotte is so nice I doubt she’d tell me if he didn’t.  Anyway, he had paint on his pants!!  I know a normal parent would think paint on the pants is not a good thing. But for me, I could tell what my little boy did at school that day.   Autism opens up new ways of seeing things.

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  1. December 14, 2011 9:41 pm

    Found your blog on Autism Mom’s Love the ideas you have here. I am going to steal all of them. 🙂

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