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A sad day

December 15, 2011

When you’re getting ready to move I guess there are a lot of goodbyes to be said.  Today was one of the tough ones.  It was Rett’s last day of swim at Miller Swim school. Ever.

Its hard for parents who have special needs kiddos or not to find teachers that click with their child. Rett has been attending Miller since he was 9 months old.  He had Miss Chanel for one of those classes when he was just a little guy in the pool with daddy for swim class still. And he loved her.  And she loved him.  When he graduated to being in a class without us, we had a few issues with him sitting down and listening so we chose to switch to private lessons.  Even when he was in the class with other teacher, he would look for Miss Chanel and she would always say hi or give him special attention.  When we switched to private lessons, we requested her as his teacher.   And I will miss her.  Rett has no idea.   So I will cry for him because he can’t grasp that concept.  There will never be another Miss Chanel but I hope that when we move we can find another swim school as great as the one we enjoyed here.


Today for swim he jumped without holding onto fingers and he floated on his back which he hasn’t done for awhile.  And when we left, he said good bye.  Which he hardly ever does.  Since Mom went with me for his last lesson had to really hold back the tears as we said one of our first of many goodbyes.


Here is some of the video from today’s lesson.  Just ignore our random chatter, ha!

Video 1



Yesterday I started calling different places to see what reality is regarding waiting lists and costs.  It isn’t a good reality.  The preschool we’d like to send him isn’t that expensive but they require us to have an aide through a different center which is 15,000 a year.  How can we afford that? How can we not?   I know to a lot of people Rett doesn’t seem ‘that bad’.  Or ‘I would have never guess he’s autistic’.   But he is.   I do learning activities with him at home.  He cannot go to preschool without an aide.  He will not make it.   So our choice is, preschool with an aide we can’t afford but will have to make it work somehow or me continuing tot school at home and getting other services for play therapy.  I doubt they will be much cheaper.  Insurance will not cover anything but OT and speech so everything else is completely out of pocket. Even when your child needs it desperately.   Also swim school is twice as much there as it is here.   And Evie is getting to the age where I really should have her in something.  And then there’s the baby who will be here before you know it!   I haven’t come to a decision that I feel ok with so to me that’s a sign to keep looking.



Evie napped for tot school today.  First activity we did (besides snack) was to glue Rett’s snowman on a sheet of paper. Do you like how he dressed him? I thought he did pretty well! He’s still not handling glue by himself. It mesmerizes him and he never gets it onto the paper. But he’s doing better about understanding what it does.



I was really excited about how this activity went today! I put the snowmen in random order to the side and told him to hand me 1 through 4 and he knew ALL of the numbers! I really didn’t think he was identifying numbers yet. He hasn’t pointed any out and identified but at least he can hand them to me.  I was worried about the cotton balls since anything fuzzy seems to be a weakness and distraction.  I did have to remind him ‘just 1’ a lot and I had to remind him which snowman he was working with.  But considering we’ve only just started doing this Montessori counting activity, I was proud of how he did. You can get these adorable snowmen to print out here.



Another new activity today.  You are supposed to just look at the sheet and build the snowman tower by using it as a guide. My plan had been to cover them up a few times and then at the end of the week move to using the guide but this is the first time we did it and its Thursday so… whoops.  I did do it myself and narrate using it as a guide to introduce.  Erica has several other ones on her site so maybe in a few weeks we’ll work on this concept again. You can pick up this activity here.


I created the Rett snowman just using white construction paper. I traced a lid to make the circles. Really wish I had one of those awesome scrapbooking things that cuts circles but oh well.  Drew a (very) rudimentary face on and then added the letters of his name.  The first 2 times I had to coach him to start with R but after that he did it all by himself as long as I put the head up at the top.   He did this six times so it was a winner!



Our coloring torture.. I mean practice for the day.  You can see the pathetic few scribbles he allotted per star. And the way he’s holding his crayon… shudder.   Work in progress.



Here is our Santa pic for the year 🙂  Rett did a lot better then Sissy. He practically ran up to Santa’s lap.


Ok and one show off picture of Evie from previous this week.


Evie doing some unscripted patterning.   I can’t wait to see how she does with all the awesome high level toys I bought her for Christmas.  I’m sure she’ll be excited when she opens up all her educational stuff, ha!


And our big news of the day, Evie is starting mother’s day out in January so I have one day a week at least to pack and move things to get ready!  I’m sure she’ll love it.  Or maybe not.  She is always surprising me.



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  1. December 15, 2011 9:56 pm

    Laura, I am very proud to say that I know you. Even if we have never met. Moving is going to be a great adventure for you all and at the same time very difficult, as you already know. Be sure and take the little ones to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. It’s wonderful and the kiddos will LOVE it.

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