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The Day We Ate Frosty

December 18, 2011

When I was in college finishing up my elementary education degree, I really enjoyed my reading classes the most.  They seemed to actually be about teaching and had realistic ideas that I could use.  I was excited to get out there and try all these new ideas out!  One of my reading teachers was a man and he was such a great teacher. I remember he told us to not forget to do the fun stuff.  Fostering a love of learning and reading is just as important as teaching them how. Because if they know how but they don’t want to, what’s the point?  And so I TRY to remember the fun stuff.


Today concluded our S is for snowman week.  So in celebration we cooked Frosty.



Waiting for him to cook was the hard part.  Rett was so excited when we told him Frosty the Moman was in the oven!  He declared him ‘lunch’ and rushed to his seat.  Unfortunately there was 10 minutes to go.   I got this idea from a pinterest pin but we just used a jiffy pizza dough mix. My wonderful husband cooked him up.



Didn’ t he turn out cute?  Tom cooked him based on the directions on the jiffy mix box.  We used ragu pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and olives.





We actually did tot school today since I didn’t do anything yesterday.



Sissy fashioned her snowman by herself.  She did beautifully 🙂



We experimented painting with marshmallows.   Rett wasn’t too impressed with it.



Then we used marshmallows as snowballs under our snowmen counting.



Used the leftover garage sale stickers for our do a dot S page today.  Rett was very enthused.  He also kept counting the different colors up.  5 green! 2 orange!



Sissy’s was very artistic.


We also had fun making animal tracks in play doh today.



This is one of Sissy’s first experiences. Notice the binky to keep other things out of her mouth!  She mostly tore it and stabbed at it with the animal feet.  The tearing is exactly what Rett has done up until recently which confirms that he was at about an 18 month play level which I suspected.


We did a lot of other activities that I posted earlier in the week so didn’t bother re photographing but I think Rett is hitting another big skill growth.  Today he worked with Tom (daddy) with the snowball spelling of his name and could do the entire activity independently.  He still really enjoyed it today and requested to do it over and over. Probably 4 or 5 times before he was through.


This week Rett played with his doll house correctly! I glanced over to see him putting the couch and a chair in the doll house and then putting the daddy doll on the furniture.  It only lasted a few minutes but it is progress! Sissy has also JUST started doing some furniture arranging.   She can push him forward faster then me so I think once she takes off a bit, so will he.   He has been putting the little people in the vehicles which he NEVER has done before because he sees Evie doing that in her play.


Tonight at dinner he started meowing and said ‘Rett’s a cat!’.  We’ve never seen this before either!  He has pretended to be animals before but its usually a game we have previously played or play we jump start.  This was just out of the blue.  Today when I asked him if he wanted his grey or brown shoes he said brown SHOES instead of just brown.  We have been working at getting him to do an adjective/noun pairing and its been met with a lot of tears and frustration.  Getting past these mental roadblocks is hard.  So it was exciting that he did it without much pushing.


Well that was our week!  This week we are doing C is for Christmas and it should be a fun one if I can manage to sneak in all the activities!

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