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C is for Christmas! Its almost here….

December 21, 2011

Our first day of tot school for the week!

First we did some coloring.  Evie was much happier with this idea then Rett. No big surprise there.

Rett used our round wooden letters (bought these at Hobby Lobby) to match up with this alphabet wreath.. which I can’t remember where I printed from. Sorry 😦  I only gave him a few letters at a time and it was a lot of redirecting back to the activity.

Rett opted to do stickers for his do a dot sheet.  Then he did some puff ball transferring.

Sissy got in on the sticker action also.  She actually put a few in the circles today and started out spacing them a lot more then usual. But eventually ended up with a huge sticker pile.

This was Rett’s speech lesson today.  We are working on adjective/noun combinations.  I am trying to request using both.  Usually I would ask him ‘do you want red or green?’ and he would answer with ‘I want green.’  Now I am prompting ‘Do you want a red block or a green block?’  His response is SUPPOSED to be ‘I want a green block.’   However every time we come up against a new speech concept like this, it is almost painful for him to step over the threshold of not being able to into I can do it! land.   At first I let him just tell me red block/green block.   In fact even once I worked him up to telling me I want green block, the next time I might let him just say red block because he got so frustrated.   He was at least putting the color and noun together every time which at the beginning of this lesson, he could only request the color, the block OR I want green one.   So major progress.

I can’t stress HOW insanely torturous these lessons are for both of us.  They work.   And it usually isn’t as bad the second/third/fourth time. But man that first time… I want to give up.  And I’m not even the one having to work!  Plastering a smile on my face and forcing my child to do something that is SO incredibly difficult for him is hard.  Makes me want to give him ice cream and let him do whatever he wants.   It isn’t fun.  In the moment, I doubt him and myself.  I wonder if he can do this after all.    And all I can do is tell him that he CAN do it.  I give him hugs.  We clap and cheer for every time he succeeds.   But man I wish I could drink right now. Darn pregnancy.   But we survived another lesson.  We took another step towards being on level verbally!

I tried to snap a picture of him using his blocks but he was too fast and covered them up.  Today instead of just stacking them high (which is a fav), he actually did 3 across the bottom and one on top. I’ve never seen him do this before.   So maybe he is branching out with the block building a little bit!

I bought this little wooden 6 piece puzzle at Hobby Lobby for .50 when they were half off.  He alternated between coloring it and putting it together.  Still working on putting puzzles together.   He did the puzzle maybe 4 or 5 times but never did get to the point where he could do it himself.   He does seem really ‘into’ puzzles right now and since they are one of the only activities that work on spatial awareness that he’s willing to do, I was happy he enjoyed this so much. I have another one I might bust out for tomorrow.  His coloring was mostly just lines drawn all over the puzzle but he did color in Santa’s hat red very deliberately.

This little write and wipe activity thing from Crayola is so cool! This is the first time we’ve used it. You can slip any piece of paper in and it becomes a wipe off activity instead of using laminating.   Rett was really deliberate about his coloring with this activity.  I thought he would be entertained for longer but it was about 5 minutes and I’m done.

We worked on bead stringing today.  Look at this natural patterning!  Maybe he is ready to start on the pattern activities.  He did this all by himself with no prompting.  Today he strung 14 beads before being all done with this.

This was another recycled wrapping paper scraps activity. I cut out all these snowflakes from some wrapping paper.  I did the glue dots.  I’m still a control freak about the glue but hey, its a work in progress!  At first the kid didn’t know what glue was at all.   He arranged all the snowflakes.  He really loved this activity and proclaimed it ‘beautiful’ once he was done.  It got a place of honor in the IKEA plastic frames that hang next to his high chair.

And his favorite activity, Angry Birds.   This game has been a blessing and a hassle.  Rett has beat 23 levels of Angry Birds.  I have no idea how he does it.  Sometimes we try to help him get past a level and usually we can’t beat it.   I tell myself its sort of a spatial awareness game 😉   But he has started acting out being an angry bird with us and the surroundings.  He likes to make the little noise and ram into Sissy, me.. the couch.. random toys.  So we have to tell him he’s not an angry birds. He’s a nice bird.  And we had to cut back on Angry Bird play time.   I have to admit that the nerd in me is really proud to see my gaming skills shining bright in the next generation.

There is SO much that I wanted to do for Christmas that I didn’t get done in the way of projects, crafts, baking, etc.   Time gets away from you when you have little kiddos and you’re pregnant.  I did send out Christmas cards this year so that was a step up from last year!  Maybe next year I will get to more of the things I put off because they were too mess for me to handle this year.   I can’t believe Christmas is just a few days away!


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