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My son’s VERY full schedule

December 27, 2011

I took Rett to speech today for his make up session since they were closed on Monday.  The receptionist Amber and I spent some quality time together.  I talked Tom into working from home so he could watch Evie because I knew today was going to be a VERY long process of getting everything set up.   Rett is now enrolled for speech 4 days a week.  Miss Rachael was gone on Fridays so Thursdays he has an hour long session.  He also has play group on Wednesdays and one day of OT a week.  Wowwie.  We are going to live at speech school! I don’t want to think about what its going to cost.  I talked myself into it being worth it because its just one month before we are leaving and it took Miss Rachael so long to figure out where he was and for him to get comfortable working with her.  Who knows if we will find this sort of therapy in Atlanta for awhile.  So I’m going to take advantage of it while I can.

This week Rett has been using ‘ing’ a LOT.  ‘Buzz is flying’ ‘I am dancing’.   He is also saying ‘This way!’ to boss us around.  He stopped doing his super hard plurals.  He was saying dogs SSSSSS.  Like a double plural.  She said she had been working with plurals so I guess we were noticing!  He still isn’t using on and under with his own speech but will repeat if you say woody is on bullseye.  He understands what on and under mean he just doesn’t use them yet.  Trying to think of a speech game for that.  Sort of hard.

This week we are working on W is for Winter.

Could NOT get the kid to color.  Or really do anything. I intercepted him heading to his castle to play so I had to talk him into cooperating by pulling out watercolors. I’m not sure why I don’t use them more because he really doesn’t make a mess at all.  This was literally all the painting he did before he said he was all done though.

And little show off Sissy with her markers.

After watercolors he requested scissors.  I just pulled a bunch of wrapping stuff out of the trash and let him cut away.  This was about a five minute activity.

Evie worked with her new Melissa and Doug geometric sorter.

I attempted some more structured patterning with Rett since he has been patterning by himself a few times now.  I used my new snowflake punch that my Mom put in my stocking and some construction paper. I glued four of the snowflakes on to start the pattern and then gave him just the ones to complete the row.  I had him point and I said the pattern ‘purple, blue, purple, blue’.  But all he heard was blue at the end and immediately went for that.  Did not work very well at all.   You can pick up this print out here.  You have to scroll pretty far down to find it.

Rett played with Sissy’s V-Tech turtle.  This may be the loudest, most obnoxious non teaching tool we own.   It is very confusing.  It says ‘can you find F’ then it asks them to find numbers along the bottom. Its too confusing for Rett to go from letters to numbers right now.  And there’s no way to get to stick strictly to numbers OR letters.  You also have to hit the question mark to prompt it to ask a question.  So far, waste of money.

This is how Evie opens the clank can.

Well I attempted to progress to regular memory game.  This is how its going… I only set up 3 matching pairs.  He does semi ok but when its my turn, when I flip one over he usually knows where the match is and he wants to do it.  When I insist that its my turn, he cries.  Apparently we aren’t ready. I’m not sure what else to do to get him ready though. I feel like I have taken all the pre steps to this process.  Maybe just let him do the entire game by himself before making him wait to take turns.  Not sure how much of this is just a typical 3 year old also.

We actually did a few activities that I didn’t take pictures of because I was busy working with Evie or Rett and couldn’t stop or they would destroy everything.

We worked with this worksheet. I love this because she has one for EVERY letter so it doesn’t matter what you are working on!  You can download it here.  I gave him milk jug caps and had him cover all the W’s.  He needed to be reminded of what he was looking for, he kept getting distracted by the V’s for some reason but he did it successfully pretty much by himself.

We also colored this little book:

Which.. he hardly wanted to color.   I liked this because its repetitive with the phrase ‘I see’ which is something I have been working on getting him to say.  My goal was to read it once everyday and see if I can get him to ‘read’ it to me in the end.  You can download it here.

And in the end of tot school he requested to get down to go back to this:

Because during that entire time, he never forgot what I interrupted him from doing.  What can I say, he’s goal oriented!  He gets that from his mama.


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