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Our Christmas Season

December 27, 2011

I left out a few of our Christmas season activities so this is one big post about all of our fun 🙂

Gingerbread house building with Daddy.

He got bored soon after this.

Stimming on the candy.  Ohhh all the little pieces.

We went and walked through the lights at the church.  I forgot my camera.. oops! We also did a few (very few) crafts.

We had lots of movie cuddle time.  This is ‘big pillow’ which is the choice viewing spot for movies.

We wore lots of cute holiday clothes.  Lots.

We made some presents for some very lucky people.  These turned out hideous, by the way.  But I proudly hung mine on my tree. After I wrote the incorrect year on it.  Sigh.

An obsession with snowmen (aka moman) was born.  Here he is constructing one out of blueberries.

We sent and received presents from far away.  Rett enjoyed this huge box full of newspaper packing from his Gigi.

There is a lot I wanted to get done that didn’t happen.  But I felt that overall, we had a great Christmas.  This was Rett’s FOURTH Christmas and Evie’s second.   I can’t believe we’ll be celebrating another first Christmas next year with Thad.

Christmas Eve put me in ‘oh crap’ mode where I realized that this was the final day to get a few things checked off the list.  So bring on the baking!  Sugar cookies for Santa.

Rett really only wanted to add the egg but was talked into stirring… for a few seconds.

Daddy rolled out the dough and we used our cookie cutters like the pros we are.  All that play doh practice comes in handy!

Meanwhile Sissy cooked up some mean sippy cups.  Pay no attention to all the knives in the knife block right within reach of her.  She only attempted once and then she was all done cooking sippies.

Decorating requires extreme concentration.  I called Jen to get her expert advice about the decorating since she had just practiced with Sebastian.   I had bought icing and had some grand plans.   Add sprinkles to plain cookies and bake seemed to work a lot better with the tots.

Putting his favorite stimming activity ‘sprinkling’ to work for him.   Maybe professional cookie decorator is in his future!

After the knife incident, Evie decided to really live on the edge and eat some raw cookie dough.

I think Sissy found her calling.  She was throwing those sprinkles around like nobody’s buisness. When she wasn’t attempting to eat the cookie dough.

Evie started running a fever the night before when we went out for Chinese with my uncle and aunt.  She then decided to spike a low grade fever so I took her to urgent care worried that she would wake up Christmas day a lot worse and everywhere would be closed.  She has never had a fever in her life.  She has never been sick and never been on medication.  She was diagnosed with a cold. Maybe.  He probably thought I should be prescribed some medication.  So after 1 1/2 hours there, I took her home.

Granny stopped by to visit while we enjoyed the first fire of the season.

We ordered some Christmas Eve pizza.

And Rett fell asleep in his high chair.  Now I still had plans of hot chocolate, popcorn and the grinch followed by santa cookies.  So we let him nap for about 30 or 45 minutes, then put him in the tub to wash away his worries and I asked if he’d like a show or night night. Show it was!

This is what Sissy does to popcorn if you leave her alone for a few minutes to go make the hot chocolate.   I think she climbed into the bowl at one point.   Sissy had her first taste of hot chocolate.. which she spit out all over herself.   She then tried another sip which she did swallow. And that was it.  Rett never tried his at all.  Sigh.

We tucked them into bed and got to work putting together all the magic.   Stockings stuffed, and some pretty funny moments of parenthood where you find yourself constructing a miniature bicycle and a personal trampoline…





It was a really exciting, magical time for us.  Rett went to bed clueless.  No matter how I tried to explain or work up some excitement, I knew he would go to bed easily and sleep through the night.  He’d get up the next morning and it would just be another day.  Our life is sort of like that 100 first dates or whatever.  Where everyday just starts over.    So the next morning, I went in prepared.   No matter how bad I want him to be excited and know what is going on… it just isn’t happening yet.


So I went in and told him Santa had came and he could open his presents.  This seemed to sink in.  Come on, Sissy!  he said.  I changed their dipes and then we headed downstairs for the first glimpse of Christmas.



I might have went a tad overboard.










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