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2011 in Photos

December 31, 2011

I love doing a flash back in photos.  I know its nothing unique out there in blogger land but its so popular because its such a good idea, right?  Yah that’s what I tell myself.





I was a rock star at project 365 and took photos everyday.  This is bedtime reading with Daddy!



February brought the monster blizzard.  This is my family showing support for all the heart families out there in honor of my friend Shelby, who lost her daughter Emily at 10 days old to CHD.



I got my new camera in March!



And Rett was adorable.





April we hit the beach!  Florida is pretty cold in April but we still had a great time.



May brought on the first taste of warm summer and we spent a lot of these days outside enjoying the backyard.




June brought Sissy’s first birthday and all the fun that comes with that.  A year had gone by way too fast.



June also brought our air conditioning unit going out and the summer heat with no AC was no fun. Ok almost no fun. Kids thought bubble baths in the kiddie pool outside were pretty cool.


We found out we were pregnant the day after Evie’s birthday!




July the endless summer dragged on.  Heat was exhausting and we were basically trapped inside most of the time.


Rett continued to be adorable.


And we got our first glimpse of Thad.  Already sucking his thumb.




In August we made the long (LONG) flight out to enjoy our first trip to Hawaii.



Thad kept growing and we found out he was indeed a boy!






September brought us some cooler weather. We were happy to dig the jeans out.



We also really started facing the fact that Rett may have autism.







We received Rett’s autism diagnosis in Atlanta.  And headed for the beach.


Sissy was adorable.





This is the month where there is a sudden change in my photos.   We aren’t going anywhere.  We aren’t seeing anyone.   We are mainly doing tot school and just being together.


I buy a lot of baby gap to try to help myself feel better.  It works a little.






Nicole takes our first family photos in over a year.




Rett turned 3!



Lots of Christmas going on!




And through it all, Thad grew and grew and GREW.


2011 wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine.  It was an emotional roller coaster with the added bonus of me being a highly hormonal pregnant mama attempting to deal with something that is very difficult anyway.  But I think we did very well.  We had a lot of smiles and good memories.  We celebrated birthdays, holidays and grew a baby!


For 2012 I want to get back to more fun trips, making new friends after we move and a LOT more trips to Florida.   Oh. And we’re going to have another adorable baby to capture all of those firsts that take your breath away.  We are blessed.



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  1. Jenni permalink
    January 1, 2012 8:19 pm

    You conquered 2011 like no one could ever do! You are amazing, and Im extremely excited to see what 2012 brings to you! You are a total inspiration 🙂


  1. 2012 in Pictures « Figuring Out The Recipe

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