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A February Update

February 8, 2012


Yep, still pregnant!  This was Thad and I (and Rett digging in my make up drawer) on my due date. Which was now four days ago.   So that’s fun 🙂  After my 36 weeker and then a 39 weeker.. I’m almost afraid to try for a fourth and see how long THAT lasts.   I have a feeling my due date really should have been the 11th.   I’m pretty ready for him to come out.


Well I haven’t blogged in awhile so just a bunch of random update!


Thad- decided to turn posterior the day before my 39th week midwife appointment.  After being in perfect position since 23 weeks.  So I started getting chiropractor appointments to get him turned.  He turned on his side.  Pretty sure last night he flipped upside down again.


Little Sissy turned 20 months yesterday. I can’t believe we are almost to 2.   She is counting to 10 (although she always skips 4), identifying circles and causing as much mischief as she can.   She picks up on all the things we are working on with Rett and is a constant modeler for him.  And we love her.



Took the kids to the eye doctor two weeks ago and just as I figured, Evie needs glasses.  My husband’s family has lazy eye in their genes. I think there’s a better term for it but whatever.  Anyway, my husband and his aunt both had it which the eye doctor tells me raises my children’s risk by ten times.  Wonderful 🙂  The good news is that if the glasses work, she will only have to wear until she is 7 or 8 and then be done.  The bad news is she already bit hunks out of the glass of the lens after 2 days of having the blasted things.   She mostly ignores her ‘circles’ unless she wants attention and then rips them off.  They don’t really help her see any better because she doesn’t have any other eye issue so its hard for her to see the point of wearing them.    Its an adjustment but we’re surviving.



And of course the man of the hour, Rett.   Rett has been having speech four times a week.  On Mondays he goes for an hour to make up for the Friday that his speech path has off.  He is currently working on prepositions,  -ing verbs, plurals, possessives and your/my.   He is using his prepositions CONSTANTLY.  Its amazing how having prepositions really helps him string together a few thoughts about one thing.   Previously any random speech would be one word and mostly just labeling.  He might point out a balloon or a cat or a toy.  But now he says ‘There’s a balloon up there!’ ‘There water down there!’  Yesterday on our way to Target he said ‘There’s a penguin in the water down there!’  Too much happy feet perhaps?


Rett’s speech eval came back and he is speaking on a 2 year, 2 month level.  A year behind.  A year delay. My goal was to get him caught up by 5.   A year to make up for.   Miss Rachael said its common for autistic children to be 1/3 behind so since Rett is 3, he is right where she would expect him to be.  I try to remind myself that we have only been in therapy for a few months and it took awhile for things to really get going for him also.   But its hard to hear that your child has a lot of ground to make for.   Its not him being behind that really bothers me.  Its the fact that he still can’t tell me what he did today, can’t communicate on level with peers so is left out by most same age children.  He lacks the vocalization to play on level.  To me, he is missing out on some of the best parts of being a kid.  And that’s what really kills you.   And that’s why this consumes your life.  Every car ride, every book, every moment of the day I am listening for prepositions to tell him great job or repeating what he means to say back to him so he can hear it modeled well.  I don’t make him repeat me but sometimes he just doesn’t connect his thoughts together where other people would really understand him.


I think about how far Rett has come and it makes me really sad to think about how lonely he must have been.  He couldn’t tell us what he wanted or what he saw or what happened if he got hurt.  He couldn’t express any ideas in his head.   And still, even though he has come a long way and his communication with us is SO vastly different… other people can’t understand him.  Or they need help deciphering what he REALLY means.  So now he’s brought us into his little world but we still have a ways to go.


Rett’s play is progressing amazingly. In fact he has done so well I’m not really worried about it anymore.  Not that he is all better and on level.  But he is progressing and I have no doubt he will continue.  He started playing ‘chase’ with his toys.  And he can get stuck on that scenario. Miss Rachael is working with him to expand his play. But just seeing him making his little figures talk to each other and go down the slide, we have come a long way from door obsession.  Miss Rachael prompts him with all done with doors and he moves on happily to more exciting things. Like castles and knights and dragons.


I borrowed a floor time manual from one of the ladies at the speech center and was really impressed with the way the book set up a floor time based therapy. It was much more structured and routine then how it was presented to us in Atlanta.  The manual set up 5-6 20 minute play sessions in which you have an activity that is fun for the child (say a doll house) and a vocabulary list you are working on.  So say with Rett we are working on verbs. I might chose 5-6 verbs that go along with the doll house. Then you have a chart and you keep track of if he is repeating the verbs in the exact phrases after you say them or if he is using the words independently from your modeling. Or instead of speech you might be charting if he is doing different play scenarios (putting the baby to bed, cooking dinner, etc) or if he can put together a cause/effect (you take the mommy and say Oh she’s so tired! yawn!, then give him the mommy and see if he puts her to bed).   It honestly looks a LOT like ABA but in more of a play type routine. The hard part about Rett is he is much more into boyish things then wanting to play with the doll house.  So finding a way to attract and maintain his interest might be fun.


We dropped OT from Rett’s schedule. I only went to a few sessions.  I dropped it more because of the lack of time we have to work with this therapist then him not needing it.   I don’t really know if he needs it or not. She said gross and fine motor wise he is fine.  He also doesn’t seem to have any sensory avoiders right now.  He is being overstimulated or not handling excitement well but the things she tried to calm him with didn’t work.   I think we just need to find someone that is with us for a longer amount of time honestly.


The plan right now is to be in Atlanta sometime in March. I have looked into our therapy options there. The ability to find someone that also accepts our insurance is proving to be difficult.   Right now there is a girl that would come to the house for speech therapy but does not accept our insurance.   I’ve also called and left messages for the Atlanta Public School system 4 times now with no call back. So all in all.. we have no plan.   Which is scary.  Its hard to weigh the cost vs quality when it comes to your child speaking.

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  1. February 8, 2012 2:53 pm

    Your children are precious!! Beautiful in fact!

    Sounds like Rett is making quite a bit of progress actually. It’ll come in spurts and he may regress with a little one soon to be born (keep that in mind and prepare yourself for it).

    I wish my bub was only a year behind *sighs* Sadly, he’s about 5 years behind (he’s almost 13) and he slips further behind his peers every year. The bad thing with him is he’s got the potential to do amazing things but unless he wants to, he won’t. Frustrating!

    Good luck with the upcoming arrival (LOVE your kids’ names btw!) and Good luck to Rett on any new progresses!

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