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Thad’s Birth Story

February 15, 2012


I finally had a baby! I thought it was never happening. I had joked several times about carrying this boy to kindergarten in the belly or perhaps across stage for graduation. But babies have a way of being born when they want.  So on February 12, 2012, we added the third pea to our pod.


Thad is my third planned home birth. Rett’s birth happened too early for me to safely have him at home so his was at the hospital.  Which made me want to home birth even more.   Its a very different experience to go crawl into your own bed with your baby you’ve never been separated from after making all the choices (up to a point) for how the birth went.   I like it.  So here’s the story of how we met Thad.


I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions for about 2 weeks previous to this.  They weren’t painful but were pretty regular, just tightening.  On the night of 2/11, I started feeling the beginning of them a little more strongly but then couldn’t figure out when they ended because they didn’t hurt that badly.  At 2:30 am, I couldn’t sleep through them anymore.  I got up and went out to the living room. Tom had been up all night so far doing a work thing on the computer.  We stayed up till 4:30, I called my midwife and told her I thought I was actually going into labor. I had had 20 1 minute long contractions that were 5 minutes apart.  I went and took a shower and this totally screwed up my contractions.  They disappeared. They started getting shorter and further apart.  So we went to bed.   At 5:30,  I was back up again trying to get ahold of my mom to tell her I thought I would have him that day.  I had imagined this labor being a fast one.  She wasn’t answering and I started to wonder if she had went out of town.  Tried again at 6 and 7.  At this point, I called my uncle and he went over to where she was staying and woke them up so they drove home.   My contractions were still pretty inconsistent for me.  They ranged from 6 to 8 minutes apart and 40 seconds long.


I called Heather and asked if she could come over at 2 since I was starting to feel some pain in my legs.  I usually get the leg pain when I’m getting pretty close to the last stage before pushing.  So Heather stopped by and gave the wonderful news I was only a 4.  This was pretty disappointing since it felt like to me I’d been in labor forever by then.   Heather left and told me to call her if anything changed.  Mom came over around 2:30 or 3.  At this point the leg pain was getting really bad.  Heather said Thad still wasn’t turned correctly, he was side lying.  Because of this not only did he have to move down but he also had to turn his body to get ready.  I was told to stay upright or bent over something and out of a sitting/lying position as much as possible so that when he went to turn, he went face down and not face up, which I’d been trying to avoid.   The leg pain was so bad it was almost impossible for me to walk. Tom filled up the birthing tub but I was too short to really lean over without the weigh being on my legs.  It takes usually two times of draining your hot water tank to fill it up so at first its only half full.  Which wasn’t deep enough to really give me much relief.  The pain started getting really bad but still contractions were only 35 or 40 seconds long.  I called Heather and told her I needed her to come over to tell me how he was moving because I was so worried he would move face up.  During the phone call, I had a contraction and my water broke.  Luckily I was in the birthing tub. Tom turned on the water to get the tub filled up all the way but it was too hot for me to be in there while that was happening, so we moved back to the living room.  Heather was on her way over by this point but I was getting the urge to push and started pushing a little bit.  She came in and quickly threw some stuff down on the ground.  I continued pushing and Heather was monitoring baby’s heart rate through the pushes.  She said his head was basically right there once she got there.  Apparently I went from a 4 to pushing really fast.


Thad’s heart rate was dropping with pushing so I needed to switch positions to see if another position could keep his heart rate stable.  I got up on my hands and knees and pushed a few more times.  And Thad was born.  Then Tiffany, the second midwife,  walked in.   She missed the party all together.  Thad looked just like Rett.  We waited for the cord to stop pulsing and Tom cut it. That was a first for him.  Then we had to hang around for placenta (which took a freaking HOUR).  Then shower and hop in bed.  Thad was doing great. He weighed 7.4 lbs and was 20 inches long.  He started nursing as soon as we got into bed.


We took him to the doctor yesterday and he went from 7.4 to 7.2 which is a good weight drop she said.  And he was proclaimed perfect and healthy.


I have to admit that during this labor I had a lot more doubts about if I could do this then I had before.   The pain was really bad when I figured I wasn’t even close to pushing but I had just advanced faster then I normally do. Also having the different contraction pattern then I had had with my previous births left me feeling unsure that I was progressing or how the labor was going.   But after having Thad, I honestly thought yep I could do this again!

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  1. Ann Hatton permalink
    February 15, 2012 4:03 pm

    What a great birth story! I am so excited that Thad is here and that you are doing ok. I’m sorry you had to go through so much pain. I can’t wait to come see you all! 🙂

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