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Week 1- we survived!

February 20, 2012


We survived an entire week of having 3 kids! This week was pretty busy!


Sunday- Thad was born

Monday- We woke up to Thad’s first snow. Unfortunately it was a light one and had melted by afternoon pretty much. Was hoping for one good snow before we moved but doesn’t look like its happening.

Tuesday- Took Thad to the pediatrician.  He weighed 7.2 so down .2 ounces but she said that was good.  He was 20 inches long.  His right tear duct isn’t opened yet so we have gunk build up there.  Rett’s was the same way.  Hopefully it will take care of itself soon or within a few months.   Our pedi couldn’t do the heel blood work so we would have to take him down to the hospital.  After looking him over, she declared him perfect and we have to come back in 2 weeks.

Wednesday- Our midwife came back over to fill out the paperwork for the birth certificate and weigh Thad/check up on us. Thad was down to 7.1 so still doing well.   Got all that fun info filled out and sent off.  Tom also took Rett to speech school, he had missed the two previous days.  Miss Rachael said he did very well for speech.  This was also his play group day. Miss Christina said he did a lot better for play group because one of the boys was absent. She felt that he was not ready for a 3 party play group and should enroll with just one other person.  I thought this was the only play group offered and not sure since we only have 4 or so more Wednesdays how that will play out. I’m taking him too speech tomorrow so will check.

Thursday- Tom took Rett to speech again.

Friday-  We took Thad up to the hospital for his heel prick test.  He basically slept through that even though I had worried about him getting hurt for the first time basically.

Saturday and Sunday- pretty boring hanging out.


Thad has been eating about every 2 or 3 hours. He’s a nursing champ.  I have to wake Tom up to change diaper/swaddle him back and then just get him started and we all go back to sleep.


I found out that I have this:  which has been causing me a lot of pain. In fact its the only thing causing me any pain so if I hadn’t been so lucky as to have this, I’d be perfectly fine right now! Hoping it will go away in a week or so. If not, might have to go BACK to the chiro! Fun.


We have officially declared March 21st as our moving to Atlanta day.  Tom will take that week off and we’ll spend the first few days packing up/loading truck and then driving to Atlanta/unpacking and getting settled before he returns to work that Monday.  I still don’t have Rett’s therapy plan completely figured out.  I’m very worried about pulling him out of his awesome therapy here with no plan but its very difficult to do a few states away and their educational department SUCKS. I have called four times now and they will not call me back.


So that’s been week one for us 🙂  Tom goes back to work tomorrow!  Am I scared?  Heck, I don’t have TIME to be scared!

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