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So amazed by play

April 18, 2012

 I try to think back to pre October and pre diagnosis and pre autism and that world is gone. I can’t really remember how Rett functioned and the things he said or did.  Or didn’t say and didn’t do. I don’t remember how he got what he wanted or how he played with his toys.  That Rett is gone.  And this new Rett that has gotten help and has woken up to the world involving us is here. 


I remember when I realized Rett never really played with his toys. He just sort of pushed stuff around. 




How far we have come. Here he is sliding his imaginext man.  He calls them all man.  He was working with Miss Racheal on ‘my turn, your turn’ before we left and we also have been watching our taking turn teach2talk dvd’s so he’s really been into turn taking. He put the man on the slide and made him say ‘my turn’ and slid him down. 




His current obsession is his imaginext dvd that came with the aircraft carrier. He loves to reenact the movie scenes with his airplanes.  I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. His new speech teacher Miss Amanda commented today that he wasn’t reenacting as much and she considered that a good thing. I think its more of him getting stuck only wanting to play with his airplanes and reenact the same scenes over and over rather then him doing it at all that’s bad.   He won’t let me play with one plane and help act out the scene which I would love for him to enjoy that.  We are really trying to focus on building his joint attention and playing with but he is so obsessed with the scene being a CERTAIN way, he wants to play both parts. 




Cars are always a favorite.  Anything boy. He lined them all up like they were starting a race but became frustrated because he couldn’t move them all at once together so they apparently had a huge crash. 


Most of Rett’s play is still attached somehow to movies or shows.  He does change it some but I think he feels comfortable with using his movies as a stepping stone to his play.  Now that I have Evie to compare him to I can see that her play is a lot more open and she is a lot more flexible/creative in her play.  I’m not really sure how to get him to be more flexible and actually enjoy playing with things that don’t have anything to do with movies.  


We have come a long way with playing but we still have a long way to go!  The kids have been thoroughly enjoying the play room we set up in Atlanta.




We got all the kidkraft stuff put together.  We now have this little table and chairs and also an easel. The kids have really enjoyed playing and reading at the table. I haven’t launched back into tot school yet but I need to.  Would really like to work on getting them both to sit in a chair and complete a simple activity.  That might be a six month goal, ha!


Today was spent researching a lot of stuff for Rett. Here they have a Deeming Waiver that will pay for once a week speech, OT and PT.   Sounds like a long and complicated process but so worth it! If we can get help with that stuff we can afford other things.  


Major Rett accomplishments lately have been asking ‘what is that?’ and being able to use the answer to request. Or if he sees something on TV he will say What is that? and I will say ‘a flamingo’ or whatever and he will say ‘Cool flamingo.’  So he is apparently wanting to know the information he’s requesting. He also has been hiding which is neat.  He’s also asking ‘where is _____?’  He has done this in the past but it was mostly for things he wanted. Like his sippy or a certain toy.  Now he will say it for the letters on the keyboard when he is fake typing or almost as a game. He will love away from me and say ‘Where is mama?’ then turn towards me and say ‘there’s mama!’  He has also been working on sharing and learned to divide things equally.  Last night he divided his entire dinner ‘one for Rett, one for Sissy’.   He amazes me with how he uses his new knowledge in other situations. 


We go tomorrow for his observation at the preschool to see if he can attend without an aide.  Another adventure!

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  1. April 18, 2012 7:31 pm

    Good Luck with the observation! Sounds like he is making progress and that’s such a great thing!

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