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May 11, 2012



We have been in Atlanta for a little over a month now. Seems like a lot longer then that.  I have got a lot accomplished, I have got nothing accomplished. I’m sure we all know how that goes. 


Rett has been seeing his new speech pathologist, Miss Amanda twice a week for an hour each session at our home.  She has been working on him answering yes/no, requesting things in different ways, sharing and taking turns. He’s been working on saying ‘my turn/your turn’, ‘I did it!’.  She has some really neat apps on her iPAD that she uses with him. One lets her take a picture of her and then a separate picture of Rett. When he touches her picture, it says ‘your turn’ and when he touches his own picture it says ‘my turn’.  Seeing the photos along with hearing the correct words really helps him.   He has started saying ‘your turn’ with no prompting and even without the process of my turn/your turn started. Just completely random speech which is the goal. 


I have sent in an application to get more help from the school system. We’ll see how that works out.  They said I do not need to send him to pre school in order to get the help.  Dr. Kellie advised us that we may want to wait an extra year to send Rett to kindergarten so now that we may be looking at 3 years of preschool, we have decided to just keep him home for tot school next year and put that money towards more therapy that is one on one.  He gets plenty of opportunities for socializing with Evie.  Miss Amanda also told us she will be starting up a play group at the end of summer much like the one we had in Oklahoma so he will begin going to that also. 


We are also going to begin play therapy at home.  Rett is playing with his toys appropriately but its still all reenacting of his movies.  He is using creative objects in place of things from the movie (one day he grabbed hold of the cabinet drawer handles in the play room and pretended they were the ladder from a pirate ship movie he is really into lately and started quoting the scene) but still no spontaneous imaginative play from his own head.  She will also work on joint attention, sharing, eye contact and taking turns.  The best part is since she works with Miss Amanda, the things he is working on will be coordinated.  Plus her sessions are half the price so that’s nice.   Her name is Miss Erkya and she will also be doing the therapy in our home which is fantastic!


I am still working on getting Rett into swim lessons.  He needs private lessons. He can’t wait for his turn without becoming bored and getting into trouble/making loud noises/throwing a fit.  Lessons here are expensive, almost double what we were paying at home.  The Y has cheaper lessons but to have private ones, you have to sign up for the monthly membership so it about evens out. If he could do group, it would be cheaper but then you’re only getting 1/4 of the time waiting on other kids to have their turns anyway.  I’m worried about us signing up for the Y and then not liking it and being stuck in a contract, still need to check on that one.


The insurance specialist at Miss Amanda’s office told us about the Katie Beckett Deeming Waiver which will get us free speech/OT and PT if we can qualify. I have got the paper work (which is massive) and began filling it out.  I’m still in shock over the $200 doctor bill where I had the doctor write us a prescription for speech during THAD’S visit and he charged $200 for that.  NOT looking forward to making another appointment and getting another $200 bill.  Tom told me today that we are $100 away from Rett reaching his in network deductible and $1200 away from him reaching his out of network deductible.  He’ll be reaching that in two months with our current speech prices. 


On a happy note, Rett is completely potty trained! We have days where we are accident free and still some days with one or two accidents.  We did the three day potty training method and he did great!  I also tried to potty train Evie without as much success. 



Of course that means none of Rett’s pants fit him anymore since he has no butt without his cloth diaper.


I’ve been doing a lot better with my photography and scrapping lately.  Now that we have settled and things have somewhat settled down, I have some mojo back!



Here are a couple of layouts from Easter using B2N2 Scraps kit, Easter Parade. You can pick it up here.

The first layout uses a template kit from Memory Clips that you can pick up here and the second uses a photo template from Scrappy Creations by Melanie available here


And I managed to enable all 3 of my new CT teams in one post!  I will try to get back to blogging on a more regular basis but it seems like I still have a ton of ‘things to do’ that keep coming between me and my blogging.

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