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When you know why you do all this…

May 22, 2012



Sunday we were invited to brunch at Tom’s Uncle Spencer’s house.  We have been here for over a month but are still seeing family for the first time. At least the move didn’t destroy my anti-social self.  


We had a delicious brunch spread with salmon with some sort of yogurt/cucumber sauce that I’m still dreaming about, a cucumber and tomato salad and a pasta salad.  It was delish.  It was delish in the way someone that’s dieting can really appreciate.


One of the best things about our move is Rivers and Ellie who are Rett and Evie’s age.  Although you can apparently tell which sibling set is in the tall % range on the charts and who’s sibling set is in the short % range.  They really are close in age. 

Rett basically experienced more Sebastian type play during brunch.  Rivers had all the ideas and Rett was perfectly happy being bossed around in order to participate. 

Rivers: You want to play secret spy?

Rett: Oh, yes! (why will he answer yes to a 4 year old and not me?! I am jealous)

Rivers: ok!

At this point, Rett turns around to run off because he has NO idea what Rivers is talking about

Rivers: Then follow me, Rett!

Rett does an about face and follows Rivers into the house where they disappear under the bed and dining room tables hunting down the bad guys. 


And that is what its about.  It is in the moment that my little guy can answer yes.  He has no idea what he’s saying yes to.  He probably still wouldn’t if you asked him to play secret spies today. But because he can say yes,  peers are more willing to give that slight tug to get him to join in play. To join in fun. To join in life.  Because THIS is what its really about.  Life is more fun with someone else. Or two or three someone elses.




Miss Amanda seems very much more ABA based then Miss Rachael had been. He can ask for things with I want? great. Now we’re going to push him and not accept I want all the time anymore. Now he has to say Can I… Give me.. My turn.. Again! I pick..   Oh so if he is through he says All done with this? great. Now we won’t accept just that. Now he has to say No more.  I don’t want Buzz.  All finished.  All done. 

It is the big push for the next step.  But the pushes seem to be coming easier. I remember when we first started speech and getting him to say new phrases seemed to be such a huge struggle for him.  The path from his brain to his mouth required hard work to get through.  Now if you prompt him to say something, he gladly says it with a smile.  Ok, most of the time. We still have our moments.


Yesterday during Sissy’s nap, Rett and I made a run to Target to get groceries.  This required him to bring Buzz, a pirate, two wheelies cars and his pirate sword. He really wanted to bring Woody too but I couldn’t find him.  I was deathly afraid of leaving the house with this half potty trained child. Ok more then half potty trained. He hasn’t had a pee accident in almost 2 weeks now.  But I haven’t taken him out in public all that much.  I’m happy to say that we all survived Target.  With dry pants. And we got popcorn to take him which is his absolute favorite.  When we came home, I had to nurse Thad and he looked so cute I decided to take some pictures.  So my son who never cooperates chose this moment to WANT pictures. He climbed up on the bed and laid down like Thad and said ‘cheese!’ Who’s child is this?  And I took that opportunity to capture him too because with Rett, you can’t force the photos. 


I got him down by the window with his bag of popcorn and laid Thad in his lap.  And I asked him ‘who is this?’ and he said ‘My brother.’   And while I did a total mommy swoon, in that moment all the days where we are stuck at home because therapy takes up our mornings and all the hours we spend modeling correct speech and watching teach2talk dvd’s they all seemed worth it.  Because this is working.  Six months ago I had a child with limited original speech.  The progress he has made in six month amazes me.  He amazes me.  This is why we work our tails off for this child.  So he can sit in the floor eating popcorn, playing with his brother’s hair and tell the world that this is MY brother.  So he can share with the world the amazing little boy we’ve known he is all along.





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  1. Cecilee Hayes permalink
    May 23, 2012 1:40 am

    Laura the mother in me cries after reading this. Tears for the difficulty you are havng with a special needs chlld and pride for your courage in dealing with these needs. You are the mother he needs. I am as proud of you as you are of him. I celebrate with you all his victories.

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