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Therapy Has Started

July 6, 2012


Well we have had therapy now for two weeks.  The real therapy hasn’t actually started. They are mostly asking him to identify things and do simple requests so they can gauge where he is. They are also spending time bonding with him to get him to like them.  I spend most of the time worrying and wanting to punch them in the face.  Its been a great 2 weeks.

The sessions consist of Rett figuring out what these people are attempting to make him do in order for him to get what he wants.  Therapist X takes her iPAD and puts on a really good movie. Then pauses it, makes him answer some question, waits for him to stop crying and starts it back up.  I spend the 2 hours questioning Tom on what he thinks she is doing to make him cry so much. Why does he have to cry so much. Does it seem like he’s crying less.  How can we help make this easier. Is this right. Will he forgive us. She actually told me yesterday that it helped when she told him she was going to pause the iPAD. Oh really? Who would have thought. Isn’t that just Children 101? ‘you have five more minutes and then we’re going’. ‘After this ends, we have to go eat lunch’. She said most of the kids she works with don’t understand this type of explanation.  But doesn’t she realize he isn’t most of the kids. He’s my kid.  And hearing him cry makes me want to punch her in the face.  It really does.  Especially when she tells me she isn’t doing what she should in order to make this easier for him.  He isn’t being bad on purpose. He wants to please and is usually pretty quick to do what you want.  But this is all new to him. Doesn’t he deserve an explanation?  She came five minutes late today and left fifteen minutes early. I didn’t know if I should complain or be happy.  I hate autism.

On a happier note, I am getting our tot school curriculum all planned out for next year. I’m going to start with the public school system. August 6 doesn’t seem that far away!

August 6-10 Clowns
August 13-17 Dinosaurs
August 20-24 Insects
August 27-30 Zebra/Zoo

Sept 3-7 Apples
Sept 10-14 Farm
Sept 17-21 Nursery Rhymes
Sept 24-28 Leaves

Octer 1-5 Spider
October 8-12 Fall
October 15-19 Pumpkin
October 22-26 Ghosts
October 29- Nov 2 Trick or Treat/Halloween

Nov 5-9   Acorns
Nov 12-16 Pilgrim
Nov 19-23 Turkey
Nov 26-30 Thanksgiving

Dec 3-7   Reindeer
Dec 10-14 Gingerbread
Dec 17-21 Jesus
Dec 24-28 Christmas
Dec 31-Jan 6 Quilt

Jan 9-13 Mittens
Jan 16-20 Owl
Jan 23-27 Winter
Jan 30- Feb 3 Snow

Feb 6-10 Heart
Feb 13-17 Valentine
Feb 20-24 Yarn
Feb 27-March 2 Rain

March 5-9 Xylophone
March 12-16 Kite
March 19-23 Bunny/Spring
March 26-30 Easter/Egg

April 2-6  Frogs
April 9-13 Umbrella
April 16-20 Net (bugs)
April 23-27 Trains
April 30-May 4 Sports

May 7-11 Watermlon
May 14-18 Aquatic Animals
May 21-25 Strawberries

This is how our school year is going to go. I bought hooked on phonics pre school so we’ll do some of that.  I was looking back over my photos and realizing just how much good work we got done last year. I’m excited to start up again and see the progress.  Rett and Evie are both starting to identify a lot of letter sounds so it should be fun to see their growth!

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