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Preparing for Tot School!

July 21, 2012



We officially have two weeks to go and then the start of tot school will begin! I know there are lots of mommies out there preparing for their school year. From gathering supplies to planning curriculum, this is called heaven to the over planner (ie. me). 


In a previous post I charted out the units we’ll be covering this year.  In the mean time I have been creating pinterest boards for each unit to gather ideas. That way I can click on my folder, print out a series of things to do that week and add on with other ideas and materials from Michaels, etc.

Here I am on pinterest if anyone is interested in following along with my tot school program:  I’d love it if any of my mommy friends wanted to do similar activities through the week. I know my friend Nikkie has already talked about doing some of the same things. I’d love to bounce ideas off of other mommies. Its just so much easier when you have other people sharing ideas with you.


So besides getting everything organized, I’m also ordering laminating film, starting to print off a month’s worth of activities and laminating everything I need to.  Most of my activities will be laminated for reuse.  My kids aren’t the color and fill in the worksheet type kids so I know hands on is going to go over better.   Instead of the traditional tot trays, I’m looking for an app on my iPAD where I can take pictures of all the activities we are doing that week and let the kids choose from the digital image instead of the actual tray. I just don’t have room for two kids to have trays set out. 

On top of our organized unit activities for that week, I also have a goal of doing puzzles, play doh, building (blocks, etc)art and music several times a week. I’m not willing to commit to everyday but I would look to design a way to keep track of when we do them so I get a good overview of the week.  So many things turn into ‘we’ll do that tomorrow’ but then tomorrow never comes. To me these other activities are just as important as the curriculum.  Especially with Rett needing to work on play skills, coloring and building.   I also have to factor in a two hour a day therapy session for Rett. Right now that is only happening in the afternoon so our mornings will be free.  Sometimes I can arrange these activities to also have to do with our unit (like building animals out of play doh when its a zoo unit) but I also need to leave time for open play with materials.


I’m also going through and making sure our supplies are organized and together.   I would like to clear off a bookshelf spot to put all the materials we are using for the week up high. These will only be accessible during lesson time so that they are a novel item and the kids are more likely to play with them. Also so they aren’t down to get disorganized and when I’m ready to use them, they are in a million pieces everywhere.  I bought a lot of learning activities last Christmas so the kids have plenty of hands on things to explore.  I’m hoping to use these items for them to practice basic skill knowledge without my help so I can be working with the other child since they are more exploratory.


I’m also planning on using the iPAD as part of our day.  The challenge will be getting the kid not using it used to that.  Its a good solo activity for the most part so I can work with whoever needs help.  My biggest challenge will be having two children that basically have 0 independent skills when it comes to activities. 


I look back on the photos of last year when we did tot school and realize how much we got done. It makes me excited to see what this school year brings for us! We’ll be starting August 8 since Evie has her eval the 6th and 7th.  I’m excited to share a year of learning and growth with everyone!

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  1. Cecilee Hayes permalink
    July 21, 2012 1:04 pm

    I can hardly wait to hear the ups and downs of what works and what doesn’t. It’s just the teacher in me wanting to be released. I would love to be there to help you. Miss you and the kids daily. Love you.

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