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C is for Circus/Clown

July 22, 2012

My pictures have absolutely nothing to do with my posts lately.  My pictures just look so much better on my blog! And who doesn’t want to have some eye candy to start off the read.

I am starting to get my weeks organized so will post my lesson plans on here for anyone that wants to join in however much you want to agree to. This also gives me a great way to keep myself organized since I can glance at my blog post for my lesson plan.

When I get to it (before tot school starts), I will give the A-Z and 1-20 assessment  I will give this each quarter to see if the kids are growing and improving

This week will focus on ‘circus/clown’ and the letter C.


Shape Clowns

Pre-Test on circus vocabulary  page 3

sorting activity page 6

put the numbers in order page 7

Counting juggling activity page 11

Name practice on extra ticket stubs page 13

Color clown sheet

Do a Dot C page 19


Face painting

Vocabulary matching page 3 and 4

Tracing page 5

put the numbers in order page 7

Beginning sounds page 13

Name practice on extra ticket stubs page 13

Shape  identification page 6 pt 2 color the ___

Do a Dot- find the C’s page 6 of her C packet

Count the clown page 17 and 18


Shaving cream cupcake painting

Vocab practice- cheerios covering pictures ‘eat the cheerio that’s on the ____’ page 3

sorting activity page 6

put the numbers in order page 12 pt 2

beginning sounds page 13

cotton candy colors page 4 and 5 pt 2 <– print in black, color words with crayon, cut apart and staple to get ready

do a dot clown


Water paint in our Little People circus booklet

Vocab matching page 3 and 4

sorting activity page 6

count juggling activity page 11

Name practice on extra ticket stubs

Shape identification page 6 pt 2– eat the cheerio on the ___

put the numbers in order page 12 pt 2

Color the cats page 10 of her C printables

do a dot clown


Paper plate clown sad/happy faces

Final test on circus vocabulary page 3

sorting activity page 6

put numbers in order page 7

Circus animals coloring page

Do a dot clown page 11

Fun eats to include this week:

cotton candy

pop corn

clown face

peanuts with shell for fine motor practice

candy peanuts

cracker jacks

animal crackers

Other random ideas, Oriental trading has some really cute stuff.  I’d really like to be able to have a clown dress up area in the room but not sure if I can come up with outfits without breaking the bank, will have to see about that.  There are a lot of zoo train crafts that look adorable but at this age, its more me doing it all and I’m just not all that interested in that at this point.

I know it looks like I have us so over scheduled but every activity only takes like 5 or 10 minutes.  I also need to do a large variety at first to see what is going to hold their interests (though that might change weekly.. daily.. hourly?) and what they can do alone/with help/with me sitting on top of them making them do it.  So this is experimental.   For most of my print outs, unless the kid is directly coloring a picture or doing a do a dot on it, its laminated.  I will take pics to show you of the kids working.  Anything that is a ‘matching’ or whatever, I laminate and cut apart so its reused.  I print front.back to help save on paper and laminating film.  So.. that’s our week!

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