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Our dinosaur week!

August 17, 2012

We had a good time with dinosaur week this week! Above is Rett separating his big D’s from the little d’s.

Meanwhile Evie entertains herself with block stacking.  This is the most I’ve ever seen her stack but she literally used every block in the bin so might be time to add more to really challenge her.

We put some two piece puzzles together.  Rett is a whiz at these but Evie has a hard time going from side to side to top/bottom puzzles.  Its a process.

I was really excited about this activity! This is the first time we’ve done a size sequencing activity and I was really dreading it because I couldn’t figure out exactly how to teach them the concept.  I showed them the correct way to do it and then sort of stepped my fingers up and said that it was like a stair case. Then they both proceeded to do it correctly all by themselves.  Smarty pants!

We also painted with dinosaurs. They didn’t really make the tracks like the pinterest activity advertised but the kids still had fun.  I think if you paint the paint on the feet instead of dipping it might work better.  Unfortunately the feet aren’t flat so they don’t all touch the paper at the same time so not sure even that would work.   The kids had fun giving the dinosaurs a shower that night.

We did some scissor practice.  Its been awhile since we worked with scissors.  Evie can’t manage to open/close her yet so we’ve got a ways to go.  With Rett I’m trying to teach him to cut vertically on a line.  He has problems opening up his scissors and recutting to finish the cut. He did pretty ok but really needs a lot of practice.  His ABA team added scissor work to his goals so they will be working with him also.

We also sorted our big and little dinosaurs.  Rett can separate and he can give you the right one but as far as answering ‘is it big or little?’ he can only answer for big.  So still working on that.

Still no idea where my do a dot markers are so we dotted with a q tip.

And some of us just went a little crazy with finger painting.

In other news, Rett has finally started building with blocks! The other day he was digging under the couch finding all sorts of goodies and came across 3 lone duplo blocks.  I heard him singing his duplo app song and looked to see what he was doing and he was building like the app modeled. I brought over the big bucket and he went to town. This is literally the biggest and most creative thing he has ever built in his entire life.  I showed him on the computer that I had taken a picture because I was so proud of him and he immediately went over and built another one and asked me to ‘cheese’ it.  And today he built an even bigger tower that was way over his head!  I really recommend the duplo app to anyone who’s kids can’t or won’t build with blocks.  The songs seem to inspire Rett.

Today we did our vocabulary test for our dinosaur week.  When Rett got to ‘wing’ he didn’t know the answer. He did some mumbling and then said ‘I don’t know’ which is AWESOME!  Before he would whine/cry because he didn’t know what you do if you don’t know the answer. Now that we’ve taught him to say ‘I don’t know’ we might be able to give him another option besides throwing a fit.

We also worked on tracing and both the kids did really awesome with that! We are still just doing straight lines. I’ll photograph some examples this week.  Rett is spelling his name out loud and can recognize it in print also so that’s a new skill.

We had a really fun week! Next weekend they are having a dinosaur birthday party at our local museum and we’re going to go to some REAL dinosaurs. I hope everyone had a fabulous week!

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  1. August 19, 2012 10:21 pm

    I love dinosaur themes! Your kids must have had so much fun!!! I especially like the dinosaur painting prints.

  2. August 22, 2012 5:25 pm

    Always great to see what others do with themes. I wish I were more organized in planning!

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