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Chicago Fun

September 4, 2012

Chicago was a last minute trip that happened because of two amazing ladies that donated points for air plane tickets and let us stay at their house.  I took Thaddeus and Rett by myself.  The plane was uneventful. Thad nursed and then slept for an hour.  Rett played ipad. After we got off the plane, we caught a train and headed to a stop near Quincy’s home.  I was super worried about getting on the train and going to the right place but it was simple and a no brainer.  I just took a back pack for all of our clothes so I had no huge luggage to deal with. I had Rett in the umbrella stroller and Thad in the hotsling.   All in all, an easy journey.



The first night that we were there was Christopher’s back to school picnic at his school so we went there for dinner.  Families brought dishes to represent their culture so there was lots of yummy food and fun playground time.






The next morning Christopher had to go to school, so we went with Katherine to her violin lesson. She takes violin in a Waldor/Montessori type space that is rented out to the music lesson people.  It had a sand table, dress up clothes, a reading loft, old school little people sets and so much stuff that I wanted to play with. Katherine did amazing with her lesson. I’d never seen a small person play the violin so didn’t really know what to expect but the focus it takes is incredible and she definitely has some talent.



Sir Thaddeus makes a great Roman.


After Christopher got out of school, we hopped the train downtown to visit some touristy parts of the city and play in the fountain.



This was sort of like a gazing fountain but it was designed for the kids to play in it. On either end is a large tower type projection thing that projects pictures of faces.  One face will open their mouth and a huge burst of water comes out. The children all thought this was wildly fun.



At one point Rett told me he had to go potty and I semi-ignored him. He ran off, bust through some sort of security fence, attempted to drop his drawers in the grass in the middle of the extremely busy park. Luckily Katherine got to him in time and Quincy managed to help him find a more appropriate place.



We then headed over to where they host free concerts to chow on our sandwiches that Quincy was nice enough to make and pack up for us.




Katherine was excited to try out my camera that probably weighed about half of her own body mass.  I had my 70-200 lens on there so it took some will power to lug that thing. She did an excellent job. I think I might have inspired another hobby for her which is just what she needs.


After eating our delicious dinner, we got some insanely messy ice cream and then hit the train for a quick ride home.


The next day, Alaina’s neighborhood was having their block party so we all went over to crash that. It was a great weekend of being places we weren’t really supposed to be, I loved it.  They had tons of ride ons out, a jupiter jump, little roller coaster thing and Alaina’s most amazing swing ever. Really made me wish I had a wide angle.





Alaina and her husband had thrown a rope over a HUGE tree branch about 50 or 75 feet in the air.  Which made this incredibly close to the ground but very wide swing. So the kids got a really long swing out of it but were never over a few feet from the ground. It was awesome.



Of course everyone wanted to try it.


Seeing our kids together and how fast they made friends was awesome.  Of course the boys played with the boys and the girls played with the girls.


And seeing the younger siblings was awesome too.



Blake was due around the same time as Thad but was an early bird.  You can’t tell it now!  He’s actually bigger then Thaddeus.  They were both super happy  babies.  Loved his teether things.



We had some yummy hamburgers and hot dogs.

This one shows off her beautiful eyes better.



But I like this one more.





Then the next day Quincy hosted a pizza party at her house where I was staying.





Rett did pretty well. He got overwhelmed a few times with the amount of action down in the basement and came up to check in with me.  He spent some time playing with cars in the front sitting area and stimming on sand in the sand box.  But overall, I think he was ok.  He really bonded with Christopher and didn’t seem to want much to do with anyone else.  Although I did hear he went upstairs to play with the girls for awhile.




Here are all of our 3 year olds together.  Except for Sofia who was busy snoozing the day away recovering from the block party at her house the day before.  It was so cool to get them all together and see these beautiful children in action.


The whole crew minus Blake and Thaddeus.


Then the next morning we got up at 5:50 and Quincy drove us to the air port.  Mommy needed a few days to recover from the wine she drank the night before she left. I also might have stayed up a tad bit late trying to drain every ounce of fun out of my trip before I had to go.


Even though we had never met (well I had met Jodi before), these ladies and their children have been a huge part of my mothering. They have answered questions, gave support, shared their struggles and we have all found common ground during this stressful and happy time in our lives.  Each year we all seem to get closer.  I can’t wait for the next meet up!


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  1. Ann Hatton permalink
    September 5, 2012 2:06 pm

    Looks like you had a fabulous time! I love the house in the background of that one picture! So are these ladies ones that you blog with? How do you know them?


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