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Evie’s Speech Eval

September 16, 2012


I decided to use our time in Oklahoma to get a few things done for Evie.  So I scheduled an appointment at the place where we had Rett’s hearing check done since they did such a fabulous job with him and also a speech assessment with Miss Rachael. I was also excited for him to see her again to see if he remembered. 


Evie’s hearing eval was quick and painless. She passed everything and cooperated wonderfully.  Just something you have to do at the beginning of getting services started to show that the speech issue isn’t hearing related.


Rett remembered the sunshine center pretty clearly. He went in and went straight to the beloved train table. I tried to warn him that it wasn’t his turn with her today but when she came out to get Evie, he tried to go to her room and asked for the castle which has always been his favorite toy of hers.  She brought it out so he could play in the waiting room.  I credit her with so much of his speech and play that it was exciting for her to perform Evie’s speech eval because I trust her so much.


She took an hour both listening and playing with Evie and also asking me direct questions about her abilities.  She commented on how difficult it is with siblings because you don’t know if they are just copying or are having the same spectrum displays.  She said she saw things that explained the diagnosis but that Evie was either very high functioning or has Asperger’s. She told me that she saw her getting a job, getting married and having a pretty normal life.  She wouldn’t be one of her clients she would be particularly worried about.


She had Evie play with the doll house. She could follow 2 step directions and played appropriately.  Evie requested puzzles.  Miss Rachael asked her questions about them. What color was this? What did this animal say? How many ducks are there?  She commented that her response time was very quick when she wasn’t actually placing the puzzle piece in but if she was busy doing that, she couldn’t really respond until the task was done. 


She had the Melissa and Doug See and Spell like we do which has lower case letters in almost a puzzle type format to spell out simple three and four letter words.  She was impressed with Evie’s letter identification. So was I since they were lower case and I didn’t realize she knew so many.  She’s also getting the idea that letters spell out words so she would point to each letter ‘C-A-T’ CAT! She is also sounding out the word chunks.


The results are that Evie does not have a speech delay.  The one thing she was lacking in the 21-24 month category was that she can’t tell us what happens in another room. If she comes to you crying and you ask her what happened, she doesn’t really respond.  Otherwise, she actually was at a slightly higher level as she had all the criteria for 27-30 months.  Miss Rachael still advised us that twice a week speech for 30 minutes to work on eye contact and back and foreth conversational skills would be good.


Just imagine, my on level daughter needs twice a week speech.  I can just bet what the public school is providing for below level kids. Evie would get nothing from public school. 


I am torn on what to do about speech. Since I have been going to Miss Amanda’s with Rett and sitting in on his sessions, I have picked up so many ways to help him practice his current targets everyday.  If I bring Evie, I can’t sit in on his sessions anymore since it will be distracting for him.  I also don’t know if Evie can handle an hour long speech session. Driving an hour twice a week along with everything else we are currently doing just seems overwhelming.  I am going to talk to Miss Amanda more about it, especially after I get Miss Rachael’s actual eval back and send it to her.  I’m hoping the deeming waiver will be approved and once that happens, I can afford twice a week for Rett and also do 30 minutes for Evie. I still hate to miss out on watching his sessions and learning how to help him at home.

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