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Dealing with the public schools part 2

September 18, 2012



I wanted to post part 1 yesterday because I was behind and we were going back for our second round today which I knew I’d want to blog about.  So yesterday’s eval actually happened back a few weeks ago.  Today the same lady was going to evaluate the areas where Rett tested as having some concerns. 


I get there on time but for some unknown reason they put me in a parking spot on the very top of the parking garage meaning I have no cover to try to get myself and my 3 year old in while it rains. Wonderful.  This caused me to eventually be 10 minutes late. Which I hate. So I go through the wonderful metal detector and into the waiting area.  The lady comes out and tells me she is taking him and I say ok. I say ok. Seriously. I said ok.  I let this lady who hadn’t really striked me as being top notch in the first place and that is pretty much a stranger TAKE my child. Behind a locked door. Where I can’t get him.  I seriously did this.  I immediately had a panic attack.  He had refused to eat breakfast in the car. I still had his sippy. What if he wet his pants and I hadn’t brought any outfit changes.  How was she handling him? Luckily my kid whined his way into her coming out about ten minutes later so all was well.


This evaluation was an in depth look at all the areas he’d done poorly on before. So you can imagine how well it went. Rett does not do well with things he doesn’t understand or doesn’t know the answer to. He had to look at some pictures and identify verbs which he did well. He had to identify longest, shortest, biggest, smallest, first, last, on, under which he did all of those.  She asked him what his name was. He sort of fuddled through that at first but he eventually got that one out.  She told him a story and asked him what it was about.  No answer.  Something about a kid naming a dog and what would a good name be, no answer.  Asked him some questions about pictures.. no answer.  We did the gross motor portion. He could hop on one foot, walk a line, throw a ball, kick the ball. Still couldn’t catch the ball and couldn’t skip. 


Fine motor he stacked 8 blocks, strung some beads, drew a circle.. then she asked him to draw a circle and he drew a triangle and refused to draw a circle.  Drew some lines, couldn’t draw a cross or copy letters. 


We didn’t get all the portions done, we still have to go back and do the worst part which will be where she asks him questions and wants him to respond. I should have just made her do it today and got it over with. It will just be a huge cry fest where he can’t/won’t do anything. 


Overall… any evals are stressful. I hate them. He hates them. We are in agreement.  Now I can’t WAIT to go back to our final one. Sigh.

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