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When Everyone Has a Second Opinion

September 19, 2012



I think everyone spends at least some time second guessing their child’s diagnosis.  When Rett was little I spent a lot more time analyzing him and autism signs. As he’s grown he has become more and more ‘autistic’ if you will.  The traits are more pronounced, the delays are more in your face and the ability to hide behind ‘it might just be his personality’ has disappeared. I can tell you today that Rett, for sure 100% certain, has autism.  He also has a very bright mind, a very happy attitude and a very nice sense of humor. It all comes together to make up Rett.


With Evie, I’m once again dealing with a young child. She’s in fact even younger then Rett was when he received his diagnosis. So I’m not sure if its the age or what, but there are of course questions if autism is really what we’re dealing with. Or if its something else. And while I’m trying to muddle through my own feelings, everyone else seems to have an opinion also.  Some have opinions I really value.  And this makes it more difficult.


When I took Evie to see Miss Rachael she said ‘I can see why they would give her the diagnosis.’  This to me meant that she agreed with autism.  Miss Rachael works with primarily autistic children every day, every week,  every month of every year. High, low and everywhere in between functioning.  So when she tells me that she sees why they would say that,  I believe her. 


When I spoke with Miss Amanda today she disagrees.  Now Miss Amanda has not spent time alone with Evie. She has just seen her when she has come into the house.  She also spoke with Miss Eryka who has spent some time with her and Rett playing and Miss Eryka also thought the diagnosis was wrong.  She suggested perhaps OCD and sensory issues.  She can’t understand how it can be autism with no speech delay. Even though I thought that’s what Asperger’s was.  Autism with no speech delay plus the differences there. I was always told Rett can’t be an Aspie because he has a speech delay.Of course as a teacher I’ve been around both and I know there are large differences beyond that.


I brought up Hyperlexia and she said that within OCD, she may be finding comfort in the ‘sameness’ of letters/numbers and shapes.  Evie is definitely not reading yet so no way for me to tell you one way or the other if she is going to show as hyperlexic. She has definitely figured out that letters come together to make words and is trying to figure that out right now. She loves the see and spell cards and will spend lots of time pointing at the letters ‘C-A-T CAT!’  But if you spell ‘C-A-T’ she can’t tell you that its cat.  But I can see her brain working on it.


Whenever I talk to someone who’s opinion I trust, I can totally see where their ‘argument’ has merit.  But deep down, my mommy sense says SOMETHING is going on. And if the autism diagnosis helps us get some funding for speech through insurance, great.  It will be interesting to see how things work out!

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