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Evie’s Early Intervention Eval

September 21, 2012


I’ve dealt with early intervention before with Rett.  From my jaded point of view, I had some ideas on what I was going to get from early intervention *cough* nothing *cough*. I mean if Rett who had a year speech delay could not receive services for his awesome vocabulary, what hope was there for Evie who has already tested on level through speech?  But when the people who do the diagnosis tell you to contact them, that’s what you do.


So yesterday a team of four women showed up at our house and gave Evie 3 hours of their time.  They did evals in fine/gross motor, speech, cognitive and social/emotional.  Long story short, she tested on level for everything.  The question of ‘where did she receive this diagnosis?’ was raised along with a few eyebrows.   OCD and sensory issues were brought up again.


They had her string beads, stack blocks, open small containers, put raisins in them (she managed to eat 2 of the 10 year old raisins, my little sweetie pie). They had her walk up stairs, put one foot into my hand.  They had her identify pictures, show which one she put on her foot and which one she ate with, had her find things in a scene photo, count, do puzzles, matching, writing/drawing.  Asked me questions about her.  Then asked me what my concerns were.


Really my only concern was about her not jumping.  The girl had me put her on the trampoline and said well she’s making the pre-jumping motions and she has the idea, you just need to wait, she will do it.  So cross that off of concerns. So I have none.  Well joint attention.  But they apparently don’t really work on that.   So they said ‘there’s nothing we can help you with, she’s fine’ and put us in the ages and stages program where they will come out and see if she’s remaining on level.


Its funny how on one hand the state can say she doesn’t need help, then on the other hand nod enthusiastically about me taking her for hour long speech sessions with Miss Amanda.  She doesn’t need help, but she does. She just doesn’t need help enough.  Although an hour long speech session once a week sounds like someone who needs help. Apparently not. Its when its the higher up things that need worked on that you fall in the cracks. And sometimes these things are the most difficult to help your child with.


They mentioned having exceptional learning coming out, then I mentioned I’m a teacher and they crossed that off. She’ll just do what you’re already doing so no sense in that.  Wonderful.


So early intervention gives me nothing, again.  But of course you have to try.  You have to make sure you aren’t completely delusional about what your child should be/is doing. Especially when your oldest is autistic and you have no idea really what a ‘normal’ 2 year old should do.


So all in all, she is on or above level in everything. But still needs an hour of speech a week. Our first speech session is scheduled for next Thursday and Miss Amanda will share her opinion with me then. Can’t wait to update you on what she has to say!

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