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Rett is 4!

December 4, 2012



Rett had a pretty exciting birthday! We started celebrating on Thursday night with a trip to chick fil a play area for dinner and cupcakes.  Then on Friday we went to lego land for the first time which was a big hit! On Saturday we got up and did Rett’s #4 pancake which is our tradition for birthdays and then went to the kids’ first parade.  Rett thought it was a birthday party for him! Quite a big birthday party.  We went to one of our favorite pizza places and ate out on the patio then headed home for cake and presents.  I planned on going to a movie after that but Rett was so into playing with his new stuff that 3.5 hours later he cried when he had to go to dinner and then put his new toys in the bath tub with him too!   I think he had a pretty great birthday!

This year has been pretty busy for Rett.  While he was 3,  Rett:

  • got a new sibling, his baby brother Thad
  • moved for the first time across country to Atlanta
  • started up with a new speech therapist
  • started ABA
  • potty trained

And of course picked up a ton of skills along the way!  We have Rett’s next speech eval in January and I’m really expecting at least a year delay or more still at this point.  Rett is making great progress but a neuro typical child is just going so fast.

Right now Rett is working on, using, and identifying verbs with noun descriptions (washing the dishes, drying her hands, jumping in the water, playing at the park), showing number representations on his fingers (he is up to 4 now conveniently), tracing shapes,  answering what questions (what is your favorite color? what pets do you have, etc) answering where questions pertaining to rooms (where is the refrigerator? in the kitchen), identifying objects through WH- questions (which one is a fruit? which one is clothing with buttons?) saying excuse me to gain attention instead of just repeating what he wants over and over if he’s ignored,  giving a specific number of items to his therapist,  identifying numerals 1-5,  recalling events (what were you doing? playing), block design,  sorting 5 categories of objects (animals, clothes, vehicles, toys and food)  without being given a model.  That’s just with ABA.   He’s working on similar things with Miss Amanda for his speech.

We recently received our deeming waiver denial letter. I am not looking into Easter Seals Champions for Children to see if I can get him qualified through that. If not, I will have to go through seeing another doctor and getting the numbers we need.

Our IEP got canceled 30 minutes before I was supposed to leave  for the meeting. I have been attempting to get an IEP since last January and its taken THIS long. Good thing I wasn’t relying on them for services.

Some exciting new skills Rett has picked up recently

  • can put on his socks with minor assistance
  • can button and unbutton large buttons
  • can answer ‘what happened’ and ‘why were you put in time out’ not completely correct but you can get the idea

One of the most exciting things happened the morning Rett got up on his birthday. We had told him the night before that tomorrow was his birthday and when he woke up and I went in he said ‘Its my BIRTHDAY WOOHOO!’ This is the first time Rett has been able to understand ‘tomorrow’ and hang onto what we’ve told him until the next morning.  He seems to really be understanding harder concepts to explain by himself which is nice because trying to explain some of this stuff gets difficult!  He and Evie also are able to answer/ask questions back and forth and carry on simple conversations.  They are discussing the meaning of life by any means but definitely sharing thoughts and ideas about common themes together.

Overall, I’m very pleased with how our year went.  I still haven’t figured out how to get services where we can actually afford to pay for a mortgage also but still working on that!  We are half way through our ABA scholarship so exciting to see what the next 6 months bring for Rett in terms of skill acquisition.


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