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Once a Month Cooking take 3 – Autism style

December 10, 2012



We’ve done once a month cooking twice now from  The first time we just made her exact menu.  We came up with a lot of meals that the kids (or everyone) refused to eat so a lot of wasted food.  The second time I picked and chose recipes from different months and put together our own menu.  Once again, kids refused to eat a lot of the things we prepared.

When you have special needs kids, or at least autistic kids,  eating is such a freaking headache.  My kids don’t like mixed up foods so soup and most casseroles are out.   They don’t like any ground meat like hamburger or turkey.   Evie won’t eat chicken or sea food or fish.  Rett isn’t supposed to have too much cheese or apples.   They aren’t too keen on sauces (although we can get away with washing off the meat sometimes).  So I give up.  I tried the non-processed version of once a month cooking and I ended up just pulling crap out anyway so here is my new plan.


The first part of the plan is getting 7 breakfasts and 7 lunches that will become the base of our once a month plan. These will never change unless I notice the kids are getting burnt out or I find something they actually will eat to replace it.


Monday pancakes and sausage

Tuesday- Toaster Scramblers

Wednesday yogurt with granola

Thursday waffles and sausage

Friday scrambled eggs

Saturday bagel and cream cheese

Sunday breakfast smoothie



Monday- peanut butter and jelly for Evie, chicken nuggets for Rett

Tuesday- mac and cheese

Wednesday- hot dogs

Thursday- cold cuts

Friday- grilled cheese for Evie/ fish sticks for Rett

Saturday English muffin pizzas

Sunday cheesy noodles (Ramen and cheddar)


So that makes this our monthly shopping list for breakfasts/lunches

8 bananas
Dry Ingredients
8 cups flour
8 tsp honey
6 bagels
peanut butter
mac and cheese- 8 boxes
12 english muffins
2 cups pizza sauce
20 hot dogs
turkey and ham lunch meat
12 eggs
7 cups milk
12 containers of yogurt
6 cups vanilla yogurt
cream cheese
cheese slices
8 cups mozarella cheese
cheddar cheese
12 toaster scramblers
12 cups frozen strawberries
fish sticks

For breakfasts, we are going to pre-make and freeze everything besides the scrambled eggs. I found instructions where you crack the eggs in a bowl, add milk, whisk and put in the microwave for 1 minute so that’s our new scrambled egg routine.

For lunches,  I’m not really going to pre make anything to freeze but will freeze the extras so they don’t go bad before we make them.

Now I just need to look up 7 dinners each month to quadruple to finish us off.  I’ve opted for crock pot only meals this time.  No real pre-cooking, just chop all the veggies and throw them in a bag.

We are going to do chicken Parmesan,  a pasta night, chicken fajitas, saucy chops, pot roast and veggies, BBQ chicken and Pork and sweet potatoes. 

Then I’ll pick up some random containers of biscuits, crescent rolls and lots of frozen veggies and call it a month along with some rice and pasta.  Its amazing how meal planning cuts down on my stress. Every time I go into the kitchen for a meal and wonder A. what is there to eat vs B. what will they eat I get a panic attack.  Both my children are small and need to be eating a lot.  Neither of them will.  So balancing catering to them vs getting them the nutrients they need in foods they are willing to eat is difficult.  Luckily my kids will eat veggies and fruit readily, its mostly the proteins we have issues with.

So we’ll see how this works out!


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