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Rett’s ABA Update

December 12, 2012



We had Rett’s monthly ABA meeting the other night with our lead, Shilpa and our therapist, Kristi.  We still haven’t got a replacement therapist to cover Starr.  Shilpa told us they would probably end up having to hire someone else.  So until then we are doing 4 days a week with Miss Kristi and missing out on a day. Shilpa suggested I e mail Dr. Lund and ask if we could make up the missing days at the end of our scholarship so I did that but haven’t gotten a response quite yet.

So basically Rett is an ABA rock star. He’s mastering 22 targets a month. His average time to master a target is 8 days.  He’s flying through the programs and picking up a lot of skills and gaining a lot of self control.

Miss Kristi feels like we have just now gotten to a place in ABA where Rett is actually having to work to learn the material.  Up until now he was just either not understanding the question or hadn’t been required to do a skill a certain way. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the knowledge, he just didn’t understand what answer you were looking for.

It really is amazing to look on his chart from the beginning till now at how far he’s come.  He working predominantly in the 3-4 year old category of information which is great!

He’s starting to work on matching words to pictures for some pre-reading which I’m a little unsure of. You’d think phonics or lower case identification would come before that but who knows.

We had some recent behavior issues almost exactly when he turned 4. I’ve heard 4 is a trying age and so far that’s turned out to be true.  There is a lot more whining/arguing.   He actually hit Miss Kristi once and threw something.  We had a talk about that and haven’t had any  other occurrences for that.  Kristi brought in a visual clock where when you set the timer it shows how much time is remaining in red.  He works for 8 minutes, then gets a 5 minute break.  So they have just changed up the therapy procedure and he seems to be doing well. He might have been having issues since the work is getting more difficult and needing more frequent breaks.  She still ‘works’ while he plays but it isn’t so structured so it helps him.

I don’t really have any concerns right now.  I feel like we’re working on a good skill set at this point. Its hard when there are so many things you feel he should be working on but you have to pick and choose what is MOST important.

We’ll see what our next month meeting brings!

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  1. December 12, 2012 2:36 pm

    Wow, he’s doing amazing! I think ABA has been the key for my son as well, and when you have a therapist who will take the time to tailor the program to your child, rather than vice versa, that is fantastic! Good for Rett!

  2. December 12, 2012 2:36 pm

    And I forgot to mention how *ADORABLE* he is!!

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