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Therapy Plan 2013

December 27, 2012



While approaching the new year, I am very excited to see 2012 go and look forward to 2013.  Part of that is coming up with our new therapy plan.  I am still waiting to hear back about the Easter Seals grant but am assuming he will get it.  Since talking to my friend who has some experience with other moms getting it, I’m expecting it to be enough or near enough to cover our out of pocket deductible.  I still have to talk to the girl heading it up to make sure Miss Amanda qualifies for use of the grant but from reading it, it seems like I can basically go to anyone.

My plan is to move Rett to twice a week 1 hour speech and burn through the grant.  Once we hit deductible, I will start setting things up for Rett to be re-evaluated in order to get the numebrs we need for Katie Beckett and reapply. In the mean time, I need to apply for Evie to get the Katie Beckett so that she can get denied and qualify for the Easter Seals.   We also put 2,000 in our med fund through Tom’s work.  I’m going to put Evie in once a week speech to go through that.  While I think both could benefit from OT, speech is my number 1 priority at the moment and I need to figure out how to get more of it covered before I can branch off into OT.

Another thing I need to do is to start taking the children to a developmental pediatrician. I have yet to do this and have heard such great things from other moms. Basically they oversee your therapy program, track progress and offer advice.  I’ve also heard they do a great job at helping fill out Katie Beckett forms so will set that up once I have Evie’s filled out. Who knows, maybe she will qualify!

I would love to get Rett back into swim but at the moment, its just too expensive.  We have to pay the monthly fee for the Y and then for swim lessons. They have a special one hour class just for special needs kids. The cost of it isn’t that bad for the time, its just on top of everything else. They also have a scholarship opportunity though so I’m going to apply for that for both kids. Never hurts to try.

Our ABA scholarship is up in June. At that time we will have to decide if we want to continue with ABA or not. This will help us decide what area of Georgia we’re going to be settling in.  Some parts definitely have more service opportunities for autistic children.

So that’s it! Still a lot up in the air but I think with the combination of the Easter Seals and the med fund it should be a little easier on us financially! I hope everyone has a wonderful new year!

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  1. December 28, 2012 3:12 pm

    It looks like you have a great plan in place. I’m also looking forward to closing the doors on 2012, and starting a new year. I hope this 2013 brings great things our way!

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